What can I do to alleviate my pug dog’s odor?

MiaPCia: My pug always stinks even after a bath. What can I do to alleviate the odor?
I have a 4 year old pug and he always stinks. We were told it’s his natural scent, but it’s getting all over every thing in the house. I gave him baths every week which caused a skin infection, so I stopped. I just want to know how I can alleviate the smell so my things don’t smell like him. Other pug owners don’t have this problem. Why my dog?

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Answer by BunnuvaSitch
How often do you clean the folds of skin on his face? Have his anal glands been checked by a vet? What about his ears?

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  1. Julissa says

    Switch him to a home cooked diet instead of kibble. Pugs are not supposed to stink. That is not normal. Bathing every week isn't good for the skin or coat either.

  2. ANF86 says

    i have a pug and i have the same problem. Pugs just tend to be a smelly breed! My pug doesn't even have the deep folds and he still smells. I just dog whips daily on him instead of a full bath. i got them at the pet store and I havent had any problems with irritation or skin infections. With the whips you can focus on the "problem" areas instead of having to wash the whole body.

    Another problem could be that your pug needs his "glands cleaned". Gross i know but dogs sometimes need their anal glandes emptied, you can do this at home or go to the vet.

  3. Rotten Rotts Lets Re says

    Check teeth, gums, ears, anal glands and you have to make sure he is totally dry especially the wrinkles.
    Get the brush out and brush him everyday or so the distribute the oil in his skin.

  4. moonkist says

    One of my friends puts half and half mouthwash and water in a spray bottle, wets her dogs with that and then wipes them down. Maybe worth a try? Maybe also a change of diet?

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