What breeder in the united states breeds largest dogs?

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imalittlepolishboy: does anybody know what breeder, in the united states breeds the largest dogs that are not a english mastiffs?
im looking to buy a very large dog. the size is not solely my reasoning for choosing the dog i do, just it is one of the factors in the equation. i am looking for a newfoundland, saint bernard, great pyrenees, caucasian ovcharka or anything similar to those types of dogs. any help would be greatly appreciated.
i have had saint bernards, and great pyrenees. i like in northern jersey and have 2 fenced in acres of land for the dogs to roam. my question was asked incorrectly i guess. i didnt mean what types of dogs are large. i mean. there are breeders who specifically breed for superior genetics as far as size comes along and have dogs that grow to be larger then the average breeder. i was wondering if anybody knew of some breeders that do this.

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Answer by XtraWebster
What about wolfhounds?

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  1. JenVT says

    Larger size does not mean superior genetics. In fact, it often means more health issues and a greater likelihood of buying from a backyard breeder because they are not adhering to the breed standard.

  2. Nedra E says

    Kate's comments are excellent. The AKC recommendation gives you a like to the parent breed clubs as well as AKC registered breeders, so that's also excellent. The Irish Wolfhound is also an excellent large breed. The Anatolian is similar to the pyr, but more aggressive against intruders. Another excellent large breed is the Komondor! Then there's the Great Dane.

    As Kate mentioned, you really need to know what it is your lifestyle and what the breed traits are for each breed so you know which one will fit your life style best. You didn't mention ANYTHING that tells us what your interests are that would help us match what you want and need in a dog. You didn't even tell us WHY you ruled out the mastiffs.

    I am in a pyr group which has numerous breeders as members. You didn't say where you are in the U.S. either. You could join my pyr group and talk to the breeders there, but you really need to research breed traits of all the large breeds above and any others you might consider, and then join a Yahoo group for the breed to talk to owners and make sure it's the breed for you.

    You STATE that size "is not solely" your reason for choosing, but you DID NOT mention ANY OTHER reason you're looking for a large breed, so your own comments imply that large size, and possibly the side effect of intimidation, is the reason for your choice. So, unless you give us more information, it's hard to give you names of a breeder.

    Of these breeds, the LARGEST probably are:
    Great Dane
    Irish Wolfhound

  3. Kate C *Attackoftheb says

    What lifestyle do you have? Are you moderately active, active/runner type, sleep till noon???

    What housing can you provide the dog you choose. A google pic that you feel represents your house, surroundings, etc would be most helpful. If you cant do that, describe in great detail.

    All of those dogs tend to be laid back in the exercise department. And no they do not need tons of space. mastiffs and other giant breed dogs are well known to be great apartment dogs because of the minimal exercise and noise.

    Price is another factor. Can you afford to cover a minimal 5000 dollar hip replacement or bloat episode if that were to happen? 5000 is the bare minimum for that too with the dog size you are planning for.

    I love Great Pyrenees, but I find their guarding instinct when outside might be a major issue for me. Especially with where I currently live.

    I love saints, but will admire them from a distance. This will give you tons of info about saints and get you started in the right direction for any breed you go for: http://www.saintbernardclub.org/#

    I know nothing of the caucasian ovcharka other than looks so I will keep my mouth shut with them.

    Let us know about you and then we can recommend a good breed or two for you to look into. Where ever you go, start with the breed club and research, research, research no matter who you buy from.

  4. lizzardran08 says

    What about an Anatolian Shepard? There huge I saw one at the dog park yesterday and its head came up to my chest and I'm 5 foot 6. Is the caucasian ovcharka the same as a caucasian sheepdog?

  5. Cornelius Q. Rockefe says

    Use the AKC website to find the parent clubs for the breeds. The breed clubs will have a breeder referral.

    I would strongly suggest that you narrow it down to 2-3 breeds before you start contacting breeders. Large breeds aren't all the same, so there will likely be one that fits your lifestyle better than the others. If possible, try to meet each of the breeds in person; just reading about them won't tell you everything.

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