What are the three different kind of setter dog families?

Acon: what are the 3 different kind of dog families in the setter genre?
ok, so i work at a pet store one day someone brought in there dog that i fell in love with i forget the kind of dog but i know it was a setter. they said theres three kind of setters the english setter the irish setter and theres on other what the heck is it?

Gordon setter running
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Answer by *♥Ruff Ruff♥*
I know there is a Gordon Setter.

Answer by persinformation

Gordon Setter

The strong and handsome Gordon is the most serious and sensible of the three setters. The Gordon is a loveable, friendly and intelligent dog that is generally calm and dignified. The Gordon is loyal to his family and makes a great companion both in the field and in the home. This Setter is a fairly large hunting dog and needs lots of exercise and room to run. Gordons can be jealous of other pets and aggressive toward strange dogs. Therefore these Setters should be socialized early when puppies and given early obedience training. The Gordon does fine with children if it was raised with them. Gordons, like all Setters, can be rather stubborn but firm and patient training will yield terrific results. Gordons love to be with their immediate family but are somewhat suspicious of strangers. This breed makes a good watchdog. Gordon Setters are suitable for first-time or novice dog owners.

The English Setter

This handsome and elegant Setter is a strong and active dog. The English is also a loving and loyal family dog that is kind and gentle with children. This breed gets along well with pets, other animals and strangers. This sweet-natured sociable dog needs the companionship of its family – people and/or pets to be happy. Setters can be fairly easy to train but have a stubborn streak which takes the form of quiet resistance rather than outright disobedience. Setter puppies can be energetic and need lots of exercise and should be supervised with toddlers. This breed needs early, consistent and patient obedience training. English Setters are not recommended for first-time or novice dog owners. Reptuble dog breed registery.

Irish Red and White Setter (Virtually identical to the Irish Setter but has the bi-colour colouring. So red and white together.)

Think this is more common one in Australia. American's may not have heard of this one. APRI = American Pet Registry Inc.
IRWSA = Irish Red & White Setter Association Inc.
NIRWSCA = National Irish Red and White Setter Club of America
NZKC = New Zealand Kennel Club
KC(UK) = Kennel Club (UK)

Irish Setter

The Irish is an exuberant, happy-go-lucky, goofy, kind, charming and intelligent dog. This breed has no aggression and welcomes everybody. These Setters can be somewhat independent and easily distracted but are intelligent and eager to learn and therefore can be trained fairly easily. The Irish is a superb hunting dog and must have lots of exercise with challenging field and retrieval exercises. If these dogs are given early obedience training, they adapt very well to older children. However this breed is so lively and impulsive when it is young that it could knock toddlers over. These dogs must have enough exercise and daily obedience training when they are young or they will get into all sorts of trouble bouncing around your house. Irish Setters are suitable for novice or first-time owners.

So there at least 4.

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  1. Jessie says

    There are actually four Setters now:

    English Setter http://www.akc.org/breeds/english_setter/index.cf...

    Irish Setter http://www.akc.org/breeds/irish_setter/index.cfm

    Gordon Setter http://www.akc.org/breeds/gordon_setter/index.cfm

    Irish Red & White Setter http://www.akc.org/breeds/irish_red_white_setter/...

    The person you were speaking with probably was referring to the Gordon, a dog who is mainly black but has rust markings on all four legs, his chest, under the tail and on his muzzle and eyebrows.

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