What are some similar dog breeds to a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Vik: What are some similar dogs to a Rhodesian Ridgeback?
Like everything expect for the weight (average 65-75 lbs) I would like something smaller like around 50 lbs. Same body build and look.

Vizsla and Rhodesian Ridgeback photo
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Answer by Ari
A bit smaller, males are 45-60 and females 40-55

Answer by langlaiszoo
I have seen Ridgebacks around 50 lbs, and just rescued a Boxer/RR mix, who is 52 lbs.
My best advice is to go walk around a dogshow, look at the dogs that appeal to you physically, then find someone willing to tell you about the breed so you know what to expect.

There are some wonderful dogs sitting at shelters around the country just waiting for someone to come in and adopt them. You might find a mix that appeals to you.
I do breed Ridgebacks, but I also rescue and foster and help place mixes.
There are pitbulls that are around this weight, and I've seen pitbull/RR crosses that are around 50 lbs. I don't like to see these 2 breeds mixed, though. Ridgebacks are very dominant and can be stubborn.
There is a breed called a Black Nose Cur that can be around the 50 lb weight as well. They look just like a Ridgeback but do not have a ridge.

Answer by Marti C
No other breed will act like a rhodesian, this is the first thing to consider when you get a dog.
A vizsla, pronounced veezsh-la, is about the same color, but, much lighter boned and shaped diffeently. They have a much different temperament, the RR is a sight hound that was bred to hunt large game, like LIONS in a small pack, they are large, strong and independant, but, at the same time, laid back and easygoing, uslually.
Viszla's are a sporting breed, bred for long days in the field finding and flushing birds, they tend to be very high energy.
There is also the Pharoah Hound, a smallish, solid red sighthound with pricked ears. Be aware, Sighthounds are not like labs, or retrievers. They are not a group of dogs that everyone can live with, they are cat like and independant!
Google- Rhodesian Ridgeback club of America;
Viszla Club of America and Pharoah Hound Club of America.

Answer by texelgirl2
English Pointers in solid Red (though they dont generally come in solid they are usually Bi-colored. White, with most other colors including Red or Orange) also, not as large or heavy as the Rhod. As for look they are a heavy breed, so you arent going to get that boxy look… maybe go with a solid Boxer? They are smaller if they are american bred.
I should also mention a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. More hair. on the reddish Chocolatey side but not as heavy.

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  1. nashrescue says

    If you like all the traits of a Ridgeback, why not consider adopting an adult dog? This way there will be no surprises about size of a full grown dog.

    I volunteer with a national not-for-profit Ridgeback Rescue group. Sometimes there are Ridgebacks available for adoption who are not as tall as the standard and weigh within your desired range.

  2. Douglas H says

    If you're going strictly by looks alone, a Viszla is by far your best bet. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and when I mention that to people who aren't familiar with them, I tell them they look like a Viszla on steroids. Plus, that have the trademark ridge as well. Keep in mind though, looks are one of the few thing these two breeds have in common. They are very different breeds so make sure and do your research no matter what you decide to go with. If you want to view pictures of my Ridgeback, along with her parents, go to this sight. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ZULA-GIRL/

    Good Luck!

  3. IW People says

    Marti is right on. If you are looking for a dog based upon a certain look you are going about it wrong. There are many tools to help match you to the right breed for you on the internet. Iams has a pretty good on on their site (link below). Do a few of these answering honestly and find the breed best suited to your lifestyle instead of going for a look. Sight hounds aren't for everyone. Not even a small percentage of everyone. They are harder to train because they are very prey driven. In Canada the Rhodesian Ridgeback is considered both a sight and scent hound. Scent hounds are also a tad strong willed. Their instincts are quite strong and it takes a lot of training to control them in situations where your command is in conflict with their instincts. They require a strong commitment from the owner. Within the hound group, the dog that looks the closest to them is Redbone Coonhound which if full fledged scent hound and smaller with longer ears. Other dogs mentioned such as the Viszla and the Pharoah Hound have a similar color and are also smaller, but all have very different personalities and traits.

  4. Sandra R says

    Labs can be similar in looks and temperment. Females are smaller. Anything in the smooth coated retriever family.

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