What are some pros and cons of Saint Bernard dog?

Kevin: What are some pros and cons of Saint Bernard?

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Answer by Vet Tech
Saint Bernard's are great dogs :) Not only do I own one, but I foster a few yearly. Saints have a VERY special place in my heart. I will gladly give you my two cents about this wonderful breed!!

I work with and am a member of the Saint Bernard Club of New England, so I get to deal with a whole lot of Saints and a whole lot of drool :)

Saint Bernard's are awesome dogs, I really cannot say enough good things about them, however they have MANY health issues (genetic) and do not have a long life expectancy (8 years is average, so some pass younger and others live longer) because of their size (like any large breed).

They also NEED to go to obedience classes because of their size and strength (the breed can be difficult to train). There is NOTHING worse then a big dog with poor manners!!

I also tell people you absolutely need a sense of humor when you own a Saint - they are goofy!! Not only do they LOVE to get dirty, LOVE to get wet, and DROOL, but they will also push your buttons to see how far they can get you to go... so you need a patient and firm hand :) The key is being consistent from early on.

Also, like any large breed... more expensive to feed, more expensive vet bills, more expensive flea/tick and heartworm prevention, and more exercise!!! My Saint and many of my foster Saints are on TWO heartworm preventatives and TWO flea/tick topicals a MONTH because of their size!! It REALLY adds up... and quick! A few months ago is cost me $ 310 just for antibiotics because of the Saint's weight!!!! Yikes!

The only advice I can give you is to find your local Saint Bernard breed club and go to different events. See as many Saints as you can, talk to as many owners as you can, and PLEASE do a lot of research to find a responsible and reputable breeder. Ask a TON of questions, ask for references and actually call!!

Educate yourself!! You would hate to purchase a Saint puppy from a mill/broker/backyard breeder and end up having to pay $ 2500 for hip surgery by the age of one. I have seen this time and time again with this breed at my work. The breed is notorious for hip and elbow dysplasia. Also, if not bred properly Saints can have HORRIBLE temperaments... another important reason to do your research on breeders!

You will pay anywhere from $ 1500-2000 for a well-bred Saint from a reputable breeder in the United States. I suggest you check out www.petfinder.com to adopt a rescue Saint Bernard in need!

Good luck in your search!

Answer by ~>Pritty Grl<~
pro: adorable and protective
con: DROOL

Answer by Missy P
Make sure you do not buy from the petshop. The petshop pups come from puppymills where they have the dogs in rabbit cages. They allow 12 dogs per cage by law! They are exposed to wind and rain. The mom gives birth on the wire cage floor. Make sure you buy from a breeder who is not doing mroe than 3 breeds, if they are then they are not breeding correctly. Make sure you dont buyf rom someone who is just breeding a few times for fun. They need to know the dogs blood lines and have AKC. Make sure you visit the breeder and see where to dog lives. If the breeder does not let you see, then they are buying from puppymills.

visit www.stoppuppymills.org

Answer by Tin Can Sailor
Pros: They are great lovable big, no, huge dogs. I loved the ones I have had.
Cons: You can feed a horse for less money.

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