What age should my Bull Terriers ears stand up?

itsme: What age should my Bull Terriers ears start to stand up?
I am the new owner of a 7wk old Bull Terrier. And just curious at what age do the ears start to stand?

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Answer by Jaden*(:
I think its 6 months when there fully up.

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  1. marlee says

    Hi ive got a 6 week old white bullterrier. His one ear is very sharp but the other ones tip is about a milimeter shorter and its not so sharp. Why would this be? His mom is brindel and his dad is white like him but the parents ears differ from each other. Could it be that he got one ear from his mother and the othe from his dad?

  2. Rogue Bullies says

    Some come up faster than others. It really just depends on the dog. My dogs ears came in later than other bullies I think his were fully standing by 3-4 months. I also taped them which you can do as well if you the correct way.

    7 weeks old? He should be with his mom at least until 8 weeks so he can learn bite interaction. Since his missing out please make sure to socialize your bully a lot with other dogs at a young age and continue to.

    Good luck and feel free to email if you need any help.

  3. Stephen G says

    No longer than three months they will start to stand. It takes time for the cartilage in dogs ears to get harder(so they will stand up). hope i helped

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