Tosa Inu Vs American Pit Bull Terrier fight?

fdd f: Tosa Inu Vs American Pit Bull Terrier?
I do NOT like in anyway dog or animal fighting, i understand that some of you are still gonna be offended by this question, but im not, never have been, and never will be an animal fighter, I DO NOT PROMOTE it. This is for personal knowledge only. Ok, i know american pit bull terriers were bred to fight. I also know that theres 4 breeds ( maybe more im not possitive, i only know of the four that can )that can beat them. Now im just wondering for personal knowledge. I know they were both bred to fight ( Among other things ). I Also know that the tosa is like 100 pounds heavier. I read on a site this: Keep the Tosa away from other dogs that may want to fight, because the Tosa will most certainly win! IDK about that, i think i know of atleast 3 breeds that could take them. Who would win, the american pit bull terrier or the tosa inu. Or what about Akita inu Vs American Pit Bull terrier.

American Pit Bull Terrier photo
Photo Credit: Tanozzo/Flickr
Please just answer the question, im not an animal fighter.
There is only one breed that can be called the pit bull. Just becuase an animal resembles one doesnt mean it is one. Theres one pit bull, theres many Bully breeds.

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Answer by Kiki B
I suppose it would depend on the gameness of the dog, no matter what the breed, and it's intelligence as to where to grip the other dog. It would boil down to skill and gameness, I would think.
AND NOOOO I do not think it is okay to fight any dogs, period. I am just giving my answer...

Answer by Izdrk

Every dog is individual story ,never genneraly look a strongest breed but,

If wee spoke about fighting tosas and fighting game pitbulls :

1. light tosa 35-45kg vs all weith pitbulls 50% vs 50%

2. middle weight tosa 45kg-55kg vs pitbull all weights 70-85% vs 15%-30%

3. heavy weight tosa 55kg-65kg vs pitbull all weights (animal cruelty tosa kill pitbull in 90% win 99%)

4.super heavy weight tosa over 65kg (animal cruelty tosa fast kill a pitbull its practiculy unposible to pit survive end of battle)


This results is only for proffesional fighting dogs,not for show tosas and not for pet bulls.Wery possible is the show tosa and not game pit bulls can loose a fight against any bigger breed.(big shepards,mastifs etc…)

Pitbulls are fighting each other in 1-2lb weight differences.They can win big dogs only if big dogs are not a high class fighters.For mix fights are usable only heavy pitbulls,but most of heavy pitbulls are not pure breed and not a game dogs.

There are a diferent rules of fihgt for every breed.A light tosas are fight against pitbulls in Korea in CAJUN (pitbull fighting rules),but in tosa rules not, becouse is very low chances to pitbull can win tosa in tosa rules.Light tosas in Korea is 35-45kg and in Japan 40kg-50kg.In Japan is 3 categories of tosas,in Korea 4 but there are a weight diferences in difent fighting clubs in same country.

Tosa rules are most stressed for dogs over all rules and CAJUN (pitbull) is in second place.In tosa ring dogs goes alone not with hendler and cages are small without of lot manevar place.Only referee is in the cage with dogs.In this ring a wrestling abilities and bite force is primar.In this conditions a pitbull 30+ kg is inferior against tosa of near 45kg.Pitbul rules CAJUN geave a more chances to win a pitbulls.


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  1. Louis vigilante says

    This is a joke,Richard Stratton debunked all this bullshit with volumes and volumes of information in many books.. A game American pit bull terrier,IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE FIGHTING DOG EVER created by man..undisputed fact ... Sorry to shed light on childhood playground legends

    • Keeshonden says

      @Louis; APT is indeed the most game fighting dog. They usually outlast the out-of-shape larger dogs. Even when an APT won against an Alabai/Kangal shepherd dog, it took a lot of punishment. The APT won because they don't quit. At the same time, there are many APT died fighting the Alabai or Kangal dogs if they are not separated by the cruel owners. Many videos from Eastern Europe and the Middle-Eastern countries are proof of what mentioned above. Google Kangal vs Pitbull fights and there are plenty of videos for you to watch. Some argues that they are not game-pits and perhaps they are right. But that will be another fact finding mission.

      As for Tosa vs APT, most of the videos results are Tosa dogs running away from an APT. Judging from many videos, Tosa dogs are not very game. A lot of nationalistic comments from Japan/Korea stated that those dogs are too small for a Tosa. Some even mentioned that they have 135 kg Tosa from Korea. Ummmmm, maybe he/she does not know the difference between kg and lbs. While many other comments that they are not fighting Tosa dogs. A familiar comment from the APT fans.

  2. Lisa T (Stop BLS) says

    Well my dog (rotti/Am Staff) would most likely get his as@ kicked by a poodle because he was never taught to be aggressive. O.K. I AM NOT DISSING POODLES, just giving an example. I also don't condone dog fighting!!!!!!

  3. pitbullmommie122106 says

    No one can answer that question, it would all depend on the individual dogs. You could have a APBT that would be able to easily beat a Tosa Inu and then you could have a Tosa Inu that could easily beat an APBT. It all depends on the individual dog. Not all APBTs are alike and not all Tosa Inus are alike, so this question is impossible to answer. I do know that APBTs (and the other two "pit bull" breeds) were bred to fight another dog to the death, they are known for their never say die attitude, and APBTs are pound for pound one of the strongest breeds. I really don't even see why it matters or why you would even ask this question in the first place if you don't support dog fighting.

    Some things I have read about APBTs...

    "APBTs will fight an enemy to the death... Originally used as fighting dogs, the powerful American Pit Bull Terrier may go for the throat of strange dogs"

    "When bred for fighting, the breeder would look for strength, and gameness: from its bulldog and terrier ancestors it inherited the instincts to never give up and to bite down and never let go. A breeder also knew that a dog like this could be very dangerous to people and difficult to control if it were a man-biter, so he would look for the crucial trait of non-aggression towards humans. Any fighting dog that showed aggression towards its owner or handler would be culled immediately. This created a line of strong dogs that, while being dog aggressive, would not turn on their owners."

    All three of our APBTs are absolute sweet hearts, they love everyone and everything, especially children and including other animals. I am completely against dog fighting (or any animal fighting) and any and all kinds of animal abuse! It seems wrong to even answer this question, but it kind of makes me mad that someone would even ask something like this, so I had to say something.

    **Okay? Where are you getting that? I don't know where your getting your info from, bu your wrong. "Pit bull" is a term used to group three breeds APBT, AmStaff and Staffie. And yes they are three different breeds, but the Staffie was bred from different terriers and bulldogs for the sport of bull baiting, then the Staffie was brought to the US where US breeders made it slightly larger with a wider head and called in an AmStaff. Then in the 1900's when dog fighting was banned in the US two strands of the AmStaff were developed, the AmStaff and the APBT. I know quite a bit about all three of these breeds and you are very wrong about only one breed being called a "pit bull". Sounds like you really need to do some research.**

  4. says

    Tosas are very dog-aggressive and they outweigh pits, however, size does not matter, because pits have resilience that most dogs do not possess.

    Regardless, it's a mute point since you have no intentions of fighting them, right?

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