Tibetan mastiff vs Caucasian mountain dog?

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Vicente B: tibetan mastiff vs Caucasian mountain dog?
I disagree strongly with dog fighting but if by any chance in a dog exposition or somewhere else were a tibetan mastiff to take on a CO which dog would win before being separated???

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Answer by Nancy U
Why are you asking this, if you "disagree strongly with dog fighting"?

Answer by Ricko

A bunch of wimps! He just wanted to know wich one of the two was the strongest or more dominant than the other. When you are looking for a dog, depending on the purpose you want to have the best fitted for the task like a hound, or a shepherd or a chihuahua. If you want a guard dog, you want the toughest! So stop bitching! And if you know the anwere just answer it!

From my point of view, the Caucasian Mountain Sheperd is stronger and more dominant. This breed was actually created by cientifics and breeders from the government of the Soviet Union to create a military guard type of dog. This is like the Tibetan Mastiff on steroids.

Answer by Wil

OK, I'm going to put my 2 cents in against the people who mindlessly focus on the ills of dog fighting. I think dog fighting is pure evil, but I don't immediately jump to the conclusion that the poster wants to start dog fights. He's asking which dog is probably tougher in a fight, which is a fair question for a guardian breed. I've looked up bite forces of various breeds, not because I want to get one and have it bite someone, but because I was just curious about it. I would love to have either of these dog breeds, but at present I have other dogs and don't want to risk a conflict. Even if I do eventually get one, my dogs are for companionship, and my 44 Mag is for protection.

Answer by Rheddtx

People, a guard dog is a top defender,he lives to protect.Which means he has to fight!If you had a guard dog and a vicious dog was about to attack you,and your dog jumped in a fought off the other dog,you would have a change of heart! It's not dog fighting when you want your "Guard Dog" to win while protecting you,your property,or himself.

Answer by jimmy

well let me tell you this to even consider such a thing is not the mark of someone who strongly disagrees with dog fighting how ever the those to breeds are quite capable of severely injuring each other and hopefully rip the person apart who started it as they tried to get them apart!

Answer by jaren

idk but any1 who said you dont disagree strongly with dog fighting is wrong sometimes ppl ask these questions why simply to get the dominant breed in my opinion caucasian shepherd i am a dog lover and anti dog fighter



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    • Wil says

      It's a hypothetical. I might inquire about the 1-shot stopping power of various bullets without having the intent of going out and shooting someone. There have been many scientific measurements of bite force of various breeds, but the people conducting these experiments aren't automatically going to set the dogs with the highest force to biting someone. When selecting a guardian dog breed, it's only natural to be curious about the bad-assery of the breed. If a person were actually inclined to promote dog-fighting, they'd simply get rescue dogs of each breed and conduct illegal fights, rather than taking polls.

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