The difference between an applehead and a teacup Chihuahua?

★#2 Due Feb 6th 2011★: What is the difference between an applehead and a teacup Chihuahua?
I want to get a very tiny chihuahua that will stay tiny.. Which is the one i should look for, a applehead or teacup?
Oh wow i had no idea that when are that tiny the have health issues… thanx for the heads up. I already have a chihuahua but wanted a little girl smaller than him, since he’s a pretty big breed.

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Answer by Toy Fox Terrier
Neither, you should look for a healthy, wellbred Chihuahua.
A good breeder will not breed for either of those traits

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  1. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie says

    there is no difference.

    Chihuahuas only come in ONE size.. they are already small at 6 pds or less. "teacup" is just a label used by irresponsible breeders so they can sell a sickly runt for a high price.

    "applehead" is not an actual type of Chihuahua.. its a reference to the head shape. "Applehead" is the proper dome-shaped head, while a Chi that does not have the proper head shape is referred to as a "deerhead".. the taco bell chihuahua is an example of a "deerhead".. its not a recognized term tho, just a reference to the head shape.

    Chihuahuas only come in 2 types.. longhair and smooth coat.

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