The difference between a Chinese Imperial and a normal shih tzu?

Lacee Louviere: What is the difference between a Chinese Imperial shih tzu and a normal one?
I have been browsing looking for puppies and often it comes up that there are Chinese Imperial ones and just Imperial ones. I just wanted to know the difference.

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Answer by officer Yoshimi
One is legitimate while the other is not. This here is the shih tzu breed standard >

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  1. tara says

    i have an Imperial shih tzu and she is kennel club registered she was not the runt of the litter, you can get larger shih tzus and smaller shih tzus i have many books about what the breed should have and had her to the vets. she is the breed standard right hight and weight so i dont think most of the comments are true about back yard breeding.

  2. m_evelyn says

    the "Imperial" shih tzu are just under sized shih tzus. Some breeders say they are a new breed but they are basically like the runt of a litter.

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