The average weight for a pitbull puppy about 2 months?

Expecting my 1st- Feb 21st, 2011 :): What is the average weight for a pitbull puppy about 2 months?
i got my pitbull puppy when he just turned 1 month, he has huge paws & hes an American Pitbull. He loves to eat and my vet told me to basically let him eat all he wants. He’ll be 2 months pretty soon & he weighs 18lbs, is this normal? I feed him Eukanuba.

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Answer by Adrienne
That sounds heavy… but then again I don’t know how much his parents weight. Pits can range from a small 35 pounds to a very large 100+. But the average size is 60-70. I have a boxer who is now full grown and 75lbs… but she only weighed 9 or so pounds at 8 weeks. If he doens’t look too roley poley and overweight… then i’m sure it’s normal… but sounds like he’s going to grow to be quite the massive sized pit :) When they are puppies… they should be eating a lot. Maybe not all he wants as some pups could eat 6 or 7 cups of food a day if no one stopped them. He should probably be eating around 4 cups or so right now.. and will probably eat a little more than that as he grows. Then, of course, when he hits about a year and a half or two years… his food should be cut way back. For instance if he ends up at 80lbs… probably about 3 cups a day. Have fun with him :)

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  1. nosaj says

    Prepare for behavioral and/or health issues.Since you obtained your pup a month before he should've been away from the dam and litter,you may have some issues down the road.

    That is quite heavy for an American Pit Bull Terrier.The preferred adult weight is 30-60lbs and your pup is on pace to surpass that by quite a bit.You may have a mix or an American Bully rather than an APBT.

    You can find a better food,this site should help-

    This is a forum that will help with care and training of your pup-

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