Tell the difference between an American bulldog and a Pitbull?

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Rachwell: Is there any sure fire way to tell the difference between an American bulldog and a Pitbull?
I am considering rescuing this dog from the pound that will be put down on Monday. They have had him for 3x longer than usual already(because he is so sweet….they say and so he seems) He looks like a pitbull to me,but they say he is American Bulldog. He was a stray so they can’t know for sure. I have little grandchildren that visit 2-3 times a year and I’m a little fearful of pitbulls. What can you guys tell me?

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Answer by walking_on_sunshine8
bulldogs are very short and chubby and there skin sags alittle, pitbulls have a lrager snout and very buff, and the pitbull should have a pink redish nose

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  1. LakeviewChitown says

    If you socialize him and train him well it may not matter much. I have seen some amazing pit bulls that can be walked off-leash without fear of attacking any animal or person. One pitt I saw would lie down on the spot when his dogparent gave him the command. Pittbulls are related to the "nanny dogs" who are well-known to love kids. Can you save him and see how he does for a while? Wouldn't it be better to give him a chance to live while you gave him the opportunity to show you he can be dependable around children? Good luck whatever you decide to do.

    PS: I wouldn't let my dog around children without supervision. Children can harass and hurt a dog without even intending to…

  2. Hol says

    Check some of the dog breed websites. Search for dog photos. American Bulldogs are big. Judge the dog as an individual, not as a breed. Sign up for training now. Classes are fun and not expensive. Be sure it's positive training, not "traditional." Take some kids with you to visit the dog at the pound and check the dog's reaction. Be sure to socialize your dog thoroughly. Get it out and about. Have lots of people visit your home and meet the dog. Reward it for being calm or nice or whatever you want it to do. Don't keep it locked away or outside all the time to get nutty. Take it to dog parks. Give it plenty of exercise. Take it in the car on errands. Treat it kind of like a human toddler. Fully include it in your life and enjoy! Check your library for books.

  3. bzzflygirl says

    A purebred american pit bull terrier is about 35 pounds and 16 inches high. An american bulldog is much bigger, up to 120 pounds. But most "pit bulls" are mixes of any and all bulldog breeds that bad breeders and fighters can get hold of. If the dog is sweet then rescue him. A shelter isn't going to adopt out a dangerous dog.

  4. Alli says

    You will never know for sure what kind of dog he is. He may be one of these breeds, or a mix of one of these breeds. But All I can tell you is to not judge him by breed. What difference does it make if he is a pit bull or american bulldog if he is so sweet? An american bulldog could be just as scary as a pit bull just due to their size. But both of these breeds are sweet natured wonderful dogs. And both are very good with children. If you really love him, and you think he deserves a chance at life, and YOU want to be his chance, i think you should adopt him. Try doing research on both breeds. You will find that both of them are wonderfully sweet breeds, but what really matters is the individual dog, not what he is labeled as. Try looking at pictures of american bulldogs to compare him to if you still want to know what he is.

  5. Carson says

    Pit bulls are no more dangerous than an american bulldog, so if you like the dog and it has a good temperment, and you are able to handle it, get it. You can also take it to get temperment tested if you aren't sure. Bull dogs have a larger, broader head than the typical pit, they also tend to be stockier. Both breeds are very similar in temperment and need a strong, dominant handler (all bully breeds can be headstrong and stubborn.) I wouldn't recommend one if this would be your first dog, but if you're used to dealing with this type of dog, get him and enjoy him, just make sure you know what you're getting into. If you don't have experience with dogs of this type, make sure you get involved with a trainer or dog club to educate yourself about bully breeds.


    Easy, Americans are the best, the brightest and the best looking. Every other race, creed, color, culture or stupid sexual orientation are the pits.

  7. ALM says

    american bull dogs are usually really big-like aroung 100 lbs give or take. Pitbulls (american staffordshire terriers)-tend to be smaller (usually around 40-60 lbs).

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