Should I get an Airedale Terrier or a Giant Schnauzer dog?

twistedbunny88: Should I get an Airedale Terrier or a Giant Schnauzer?
My finace and I will be moving from an apartment into a house soon and that means getting a dog! We're arguing about the breed to get, altough we've narrowed it to these two breeds ... what do you all think?

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Answer by Geri
I think an Airedale Terrier they are great dogs.

Answer by Nigel

Hey great question and one that my family and I have been wrestling with ourselves. Our decision – The Airedale Terrier. Why? Well we owned Standard Schnauzers for many years and they are a brilliant breed. Schnauzers have lots of similar benefits to Airedales (eg: similar good looks and grooming, low allergy/low shed coat, family friendly etc) However the Giant Schnauzer does have tendencies to guard, protect and dominate. All good qualities…..but being a large dog they can cause issues for some – especially those with young children. The Airedale on the other hand is reported as being less serious and aloof and more likely to clown around and socialise in various situations. Is that true? Well we don't get our puppy for a few more weeks so I can't comment with any authority. But it is what many owners and breeders have reported. (I certainly agree with the comments above regarding purchasing from reputable breeders who aim for good health and temperament) We have also been told that like any dog (especially Giant Schnauzers) early socialisation is critical for Airedales along with a firm but not a punishing approach to training.

We hope to do our new puppy justice and maybe in the future we might get him a Standard Schnauzer as a friend. But as beautiful as the Giant Schnauzer is, and as much as I loved his smaller Standard cousins, he just wasn't quite the right fit for our family. But each to their own and he may well suit your needs better than an Airedale. It's great to do the research though and to ask such questions. If only more people did that I'm sure that we'd have a lot less abandoned dogs needing homes.

Answer by Nigel

I have had my Airedale puppy for 1 year now and it was a great decision. He is awesome. Very sweet natured and not at all aggressive. His only fault is that he is so friendly that he always wants to say hello to people and dogs and doesn't yet understand that not everyone wants to be his friend. As he matures his over-enthusiasm is improving. I'd really recommend an Airedale for anyone who wants a loyal if sometimes cheeky friend who is going to be an active part of your life. Like any bigger breed they need exercise and good training/socialisation. Grooming is also a challenge if you do it yourself. I have been learning to strip his coat and it is very interesting and rewarding (if you are into that sort of thing). But clipping is fine and easier on the groomer. But I did see a Giant Schnauzer just the other day. Man they are a good looking dog! Made me want to get one to keep the Airedale company! Instead my wife got a Lhaso! Now the Lahso puppy bosses the Airedale around! Crazy!


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  1. Bkets says

    I have one of each and they are both wonderful dogs. Airedales will shed twice a year. Giant Schnauzers no shedding that i have seen.

  2. jenn_a says

    I like both, and they are very much alike. I would check with some rescue organizations. I know that if you go that way Airdales are more common and easyier to find. Airdales are also still used as hunting dogs, and show a stronger prey drive(usually), which may be important to you. I know owners of both breeds, and you have a tough decision, good luck!

  3. Lisa says

    i like both, but i think which ever you get you should get from a rescue or the animal shelter.....why buy one from a breeder that just makes more when there are so many now that need homes or they'll be put down.

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