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puppy-pawRussian puppies for sale or adoption are not rare with such Russian breeds of dogs as the Borzoi, the Samoyed, or the Black Russian Terrier. There are not so many breeding kennels in North America, Great Britain and Australia, offering good puppies of the Caucasian Mountain Dog, the Central Asian Dog, the Russian Toy, and the Laikas. And it may be even more difficult to get a purebred Russian puppy of other breeds. (Photo Credit: Tundra Ice/Flickr)

Before obtaining a Russian puppy you should know exactly what you want to have. Most of the Russian dogs are best suited for rather cold climate and prefer to stay outdoors. Many of them are large Russian guard dogs that need an early and proper training as well as early socialization. Sometimes only a strong-willed, experienced and persistent master can train a Caucasian dog puppy or a Central Asian dog puppy to discipline and direct its energy in the right way.

Of course, small Russian dog breeds like the Russian Toy or the Bolonkas do not create any problems for their owners, but when someone searches for a “Russian puppy” he usually means a large and strong working dog.


borzoi-puppyLater on we are planning to provide our website's visitors with detailed information on Russian puppies training, which will include the specificity of the guard dog training and the Borzoi training.

We are also going to make a reliable list of the best Russian puppies breeding kennels in English-speaking countries. In doing this we will rely upon our own sources and our visitors' inputs.

Today there is a possibility of getting your dog directly from Russia. Many of Russian puppies came to their owners by air. We are going to inform our readers of the most convenient ways to get a puppy from Russia and will provide them with a list of dependable Russian breeders. (Photo Credit: ROVER_JP/Flickr)

In the meantime we invite our visitors to place stories on our website about their beloved dogs and puppies. You can tell our readers about your kennel where you breed dogs, or a dog that you have adopted, or a puppy that you have just bought. It could be a story about a dog  of a Russian dog breed like we have already published, or it could be a story of any other dog breed.

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It would be great if you also send us pictures and videos of your pet.




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