If you've got Borzoi, Black Terrier, Samoyed, Russian Toy, Caucasian Mountain Dog, or another Russian dog, you would probably want to teach him some Russian dog commands.

Russian commands for dogs are short and quite easy to pronounce and remember. On our website you have a unique opportunity to listen how these commands are pronounced by the famous Russian Dog Wizard - Vladae Roytapel (you can read about Vladae at the end of this page, or on a special page devoted to the Russian Dog Wizard).

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Photo Credit: Ferlinka Borzoi (Deb West)/Flickr

First of all teach your Russian puppy several basic and most important Russian dog commands like "Come!", "Sit!", "Down!", "Stand!", "Stay!", "Heel!" and "Out!".

Here is your initial list (capitals for stress):

COME! - KO MNE (ko MNE, "o" like in "poll", "e" like in "bell")!

SIT! - SIDET' (see-DET', "e" like in "bell", "t" palatalized)!

DOWN! - LYEZHAT' (lje-ZHAT', "a" like "u" in "sun", "t" palatalized)!

STAND! - STOYAT' (sto-JAT', "o" like in "poll", "t" palatalized)!

STAY! - MYESTO (MJE-sto, "o" like in "poll", "e" like in "bell")!

HEEL! - RYADOM (RJA-dom, "a" like "u" in "sun")!

OUT! (Let go! Leave it!) - FU (FOO, "u" like "oo" in "book")!

After that you can learn and teach your dog some Russian dog commands that he will definitely enjoy:

GOOD - HOROSHO (ho-ro-SHO, "o" like in "poll")

GOOD BOY - MOLODETS (mo-lo-DETS, "o" like in "poll", "e" like in "bell")

GO OUTSIDE - GULYAT' (gu-LJAT', "u" like in "put", "a" like "u" in "sun")

GO HOME - DOMOY (do-MOJ,  "o" like in "poll", "oy" like in "boy")

If you want your dog to bark or stay quiet you can use the Russian commands for that:

VOICE! - GOLOS (GO-los, "o" like in "poll")!

QUIET! - TIHO (TEE-kho, "ho" like in "holiday")!

And finally here are some Russian dog commands for advanced owners:

FETCH! (Retrieve!) - APORT (a-PORT, "a" like "u" in "sun")!

JUMP (over)! - BARYER (ba-RJER, "a" like "u" in "sun")!

FORWARD! - VPERYOD (vpe-RJOD, "e" like in "bell")!

GUARD! - OHRANYAI (o-khra-NYAJ, "o" like in "poll", "ai" like "uy" in "buy")

ATTACK! - FAS (FAS, "a" like "u" in "sun")!

Russian commands for dogs sound unusual and will attract additional attention to your dog. Another reason to learn them is to make your dog more secure because he won't obey English commands from strangers.
Learn some more "dog words" in Russian!

About the Russian Dog Wizard

Vladae Roytapel - Russian dog wizardKnown as the Russian dog training wizard, Vladae Roytapel is Chief Executive of SoCal Dog Training, Inc., which has served Newport Beach and other Orange County communities since 2008. Vladae Roytapel’s firm provides in-home and group training for canines, focusing on common issues such as jumping up, destructive chewing, disobedience, and housebreaking problems. Vladae Roytapel is famously known in America for his incomparable knowledge on how to rehabilitate aggressive dogs. He explains that understanding how a dog feels leading up before they attack is paramount. His enterprise also offers a full range of training toys, pet supplies, nutritious canine food, and instructional books and DVDs.

For more of Vladae's dog training tips, take a look at

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  1. Alex says

    I'm a disabled veteran and currently trying to have my dog trained professionall. I want to have him trained in Russian but I can find an audio on how to correctly pronounce the commands. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

    • admin says

      Hi Alex,
      Thank you for your question. It's time to attach some audio to this article. Please give us a few days for that.

  2. Anna says

    What would be the correct command for "Up!" (like when you give your dog permission to jump onto the couch) and "Be gentle" or "Be nice" (like when you're playing and they start to become a tad bit too rambunctious)? Spasibo!

    • admin says

      In first case you would probably want to use the command FORWARD! – VPERYOD (vpe-RJOD, “e” like in “bell”)! or JUMP (up)! - PRYG (PRYG, there's no exact match for this "y" in English, maybe the closest is "only")!

      In second case you could use QUIET! - TIHO (TI-ho, "i" like in "teach", "o" like in "Holland")!

      • Rusty Fox says

        A couple of suggestions on the spelling in English, if I may. I was 7 years in Kiev teaching English, and picked up a fair bit of Russian.. Not as criticism of what is written here, but perhaps helpful for readers.

        I would describe TIHO as more like 'TEE-kho' (a very soft 'kh', but there is a 'k' sound in there)

        and similar for 'OHRANYAI', more of a very soft 'kh' sound OKH-ranyoi.

        Thanks for these.

  3. Alaya Siberian Husky says

    Thanks so much for the commands! I would like to teach my puppy a few different commands as well... What is the correct word and pronunciation for "Roll Over"? "Hand Shake"? "Sneeze"?

    • admin says

      "Hand Shake" is usually DAI LAPU (daj LA-pu, "dai" sounds like "die", and "u" like in "book")

      "Roll Over" is PEREVERNIS' (pe-re-ver-NIS', "e" like in "bell")

      "Sneeze" is not obvious, it may be CHIHNI (chih-NI, "i" like in "me")

      Good luck with that!

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