Puppy growing too fast?

Blarp: Vet said puppy growing too fast. Question?
The other day my puppy started limping after comming inside from going pee, i felt the are and it felt a bit swollen but he did not show that he was in pain by feeling the area, but he was limping so there had to be some pain.

So i called the vet and set up an apointment to bring him in the make sure nothing was wrong, 1 1/2 hours later i was at the vet (he lives in a different town than me) and by that time he was no longer limping and the swollen area was no longer swollen (yes it was swollen before i took vet assist classes and know what im talking about)

The vet said that he was fine and it was probably just growing pains, that he was growing too fast and that his bones where probably not as strong as they should be.

He said i should switch to "large breed puppy food" but my 12 week old puppy is an australian shepherd and a medium size breed so i didnt think that was right.. I question him and he said that the large breed will slow him growth down and give him mreo calcium for him bones. (he also pushes science diet so i dont trust his advice on food...) There no other vets for small animals in the area so i cant get another vet except if i was to take him to a live stock vet and no thanks they are not very nice to smaller animals. (i know from experience)

He grew 4 pounds in 2 weeks is that too much? Is there anyhting i can give him to help him get stronger bones? calcium pills for puppies?

Should i be worried or is this normal for puppies? He is my first pup and i want to do irght by him.

He was eating purina puppy chow from the breeder but i switched him to blue buffalo chicken and brown rice formula if wondering what he eats.

He is fine now and no mroe limping but i still want to make sure.
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Answer by tankstar1985
I would switch to a large breed puppy food. yes he is a australian shepherd, but they are large breeds by defenition. Dont trust his judgment on dog food, but his opnion on large breed puppy food is good. You dont want a pup to grow to fast

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  1. Reece Braveheart Aus says

    It wouldn't hurt to switch him to a large breed puppy. If a puppy will grow to be a 50 or 60#+ adult then large breed is a good way to feed them. Some aussies fall in that category and you do need to grow them slower. Don't use Science Diet, you are correct about the quality of that food so look for a good large breed food similar to what you are feeding.Enjoy your Aussie, they are wonderful :-)

  2. alexis88883 says

    He does need to be on Large breed puppy food. The other is for small breeds so any dog that iwll be over 35 lbs should be on the large breed. I'm not a fan of Science diet but there are quite a few good brands for large breed dogs. The dog should also stay on the puppy food until it is full grown. Boxers take 2 years to be adults I do not know for your breed but you can find out from AKC. 4 pounds in 2 weeks is not too much. OUr Boxers grow more than that by the time they are over 8 weeks old.

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