American Pitbull Terrier vs South Asian Ovcharka?

The Dogman: American Pitbull Terrier vs South Asian Ovcharka?

There seems to be a misguided few who believe that these Russian Wolfdog's can compete with the APBT. I ask you to give me your opinions and lets have a proper discussion/ debate.

American Pitbull Terrier teeth
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Answer by TonyWithLove
Ovcharka (the "shepherd's dog") will always beat the APBT in a game of chess.

Answer by Don C
You want the truth don’t you? Well here goes. I’m 65 years old and fought dogs against the likes of Don Mayfield, Don Maloney, Walter Komosinski, Pete Sweeney, Earl Tudor, Jack Kelly, Jerry Bean, I could go on but what’s the point? I won my share and lost my share. IF there was a better combat dog than the pit bull, then that’s what the pros would be using. You’re talking about a 175 lb. dog against a 50 lb pit bull. The pit bull stil wins. Why? Because the Russian dog WASN’T bred for combat. I’ve seen pit bulls up against everything available and they still win. Are there exceptions to every rule? Of course. When you match a 175 dog against a 50 lb pitbull, the odds are stacked against the smaller dog.But, pound for pound there is NO dog capable of whipping a pit bull. As a matter of fact, I will put a 50 lb. pit bull up against any 175 lb Russian dog in the world.

There’s an old saying that goes like this, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” The American Pit Bull is the world’s greatest combat animal ever bred. If you think placing a 175 lb. Russian dog against a 50 lb. pit bull you have my deepest sympathies. When the pit bull grabs the big dog by the now and won’t let go, let’s see how much screaming goes on fro the big dog. And make no mistake, the pit bull IS gonna at some time or another bite the bigger dog in a place he ain’t gonna care much for. And once again, if the “pros” who fight dogs felt like the Russian dog was the best combat dog, don’t you think they’d be using them instead of the lowly pit bull? ‘Nuff said.

Answer by Rob
You guys are idiots for matching a 55 lb dog, the apbt, against fighting dogs/guard dogs 2 to 3 times its weight and size. Will this agrumemt ever end? There is not a dog on this planet in a pitbulls weight class that can beat it. A Jack Russell terrier weighs probably 15 pounds less than a pit yet it can never beat one; nor can most dogs twice its size. In order for it to meets its match you have to give it all most impossible odds to win. Fucking cowards! Then brag about what a shitty breed it is.
Lesson one: dogo’s, presa’s, corso’s, bully kuttas are all bandogs. They only took on their recent apperance within the past 20-30 yrs. And what’s the main ingredient in most modern bandogs? Apbt!

Lesson 2: the kangals you see online that are the most impressive are not purebred dogs! That’s why they are so rare even in their country of origin. These so-called “Kangals” are in fact, Boz shepherds or Malak/kangal crosses with those that look more like Malaks being the most popular. If a so-called kangal has a hanging upper lip, and block skull and not a round one, stands up square not rectangular, has overly defined muscle definition then its not a Kangal but one of the aforementioned.
Lesson 3: the best fighting dogs in the world are bandogs! Usually Boerboel crossed with pit, or working lines of Neo or tosa. One such dog, a Boerboel X apbt, was undefeated against all other breeds and still to this day holds the record.
Lesson 4: game pitbulls come from a separate and distinct line from just the casual show dog (aka amstaffs). These dogs are top prize fighters who lines date back several generations back to when the breed was being developed. Of course a 120 + lbs has the advantage but what more amazing here is that sometimes, the pit wins. Self preservation, unlike what many of the larger breed have, is not one of their traits; it was bred out. That ‘underdog’ — that fighting spirit is not something to be looked down upon.
Lesson 5: say we even the odds and made kangals, CO’s, CAO’s, bully kuttas, tm’s all equal in weight to a pit. Things wouldn’t be so “overrated” then would they?


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  1. joe d. says

    It really depends on the dog. Boz shepherds of a game dog bloodline are nearly unbeatable except by a boerbel/bandog or a tosa inu. My Boz isn't even a trained fighter but killed a pitbull within 2 minutes when attacked at the park.before I could even break up the fight. Just grabbed him by the neck and snapped it I guess. Now my dog is 75kg (around 166 lbs) and the pit(might be some mix) was 40kg (like 90 lbs) and attacked my dog on sight. So maybe pound for pound an APBT is the best but you cannot discount the sheer bite force pressure of a boz or tosa.. To put it in perspective, if it can kill a wolf it can kill any dog.

    • Keeshonden says

      Joe d; Boz shepherd is what breed? Bosnian shepherd? If it is Bosnian shepherd, it is almost the same as an Alabai. Geographically, Alabai dogs have different names. Educate me if I am wrong.

  2. caspion16 says

    john c you obviously don't know anything about the caucasian shepherd HE WAS TRAINED TO KILL WOLF PACKS AND FUCKING BROWN BEARS AND YOU GO FOR THE DAMN PITBULL YOUR OR A REAL MORON OR YOU NEVER DID ANY RESEARCH ON THE CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD THEY FIGHT WITH FUCKING BROWN BEARS A PITBULL WOULD BE RUNNING TO HIS LITTLE BOSS IN NO TIME and the reasone you barely see them is because they're pretty special they're very special and really hard to find

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