July 23, 2014

American Pitbull Terrier vs South Asian Ovcharka?

Question by The Dogman: American Pitbull Terrier vs South Asian Ovcharka?

There seems to be a misguided few who believe that these Russian Wolfdog‘s can compete with the APBT. I ask you to give me your opinions and lets have a proper discussion/ debate.

American Pitbull Terrier photo

Photo Credit: This Year’s Love/Flickr

Answers and Views:

Answer by TonyWithLove

Ovcharka (the “shepherd’s dog”) will always beat the APBT in a game of chess.

Answer by Don C

You want the truth don’t you? Well here goes. I’m 65 years old and fought dogs against the likes of Don Mayfield, Don Maloney, Walter Komosinski, Pete Sweeney, Earl Tudor, Jack Kelly, Jerry Bean, I could go on but what’s the point? I won my share and lost my share. IF there was a better combat dog than the pit bull, then that’s what the pros would be using. You’re talking about a 175 lb. dog against a 50 lb pit bull. The pit bull stil wins. Why? Because the Russian dog WASN’T bred for combat. I’ve seen pit bulls up against everything available and they still win. Are there exceptions to every rule? Of course. When you match a 175 dog against a 50 lb pitbull, the odds are stacked against the smaller dog.But, pound for pound there is NO dog capable of whipping a pit bull. As a matter of fact, I will put a 50 lb. pit bull up against any 175 lb Russian dog in the world. There’s an old saying that goes like this, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” The American Pit Bull is the world’s greatest combat animal ever bred. If you think placing a 175 lb. Russian dog against a 50 lb. pit bull you have my deepest sympathies. When the pit bull grabs the big dog by the now and won’t let go, let’s see how much screaming goes on fro the big dog. And make no mistake, the pit bull IS gonna at some time or another bite the bigger dog in a place he ain’t gonna care much for. And once again, if the “pros” who fight dogs felt like the Russian dog was the best combat dog, don’t you think they’d be using them instead of the lowly pit bull? ‘Nuff said.

Answer by Rob

You guys are idiots for matching a 55 lb dog, the apbt, against fighting dogs/guard dogs 2 to 3 times its weight and size. Will this agrumemt ever end? There is not a dog on this planet in a pitbulls weight class that can beat it. A Jack Russell terrier weighs probably 15 pounds less than a pit yet it can never beat one; nor can most dogs twice its size. In order for it to meets its match you have to give it all most impossible odds to win. Fucking cowards! Then brag about what a shitty breed it is.

Lesson one: dogo’s, presa’s, corso’s, bully kuttas are all bandogs. They only took on their recent apperance within the past 20-30 yrs. And what’s the main ingredient in most modern bandogs? Apbt!

Lesson 2: the kangals you see online that are the most impressive are not purebred dogs! That’s why they are so rare even in their country of origin. These so-called “Kangals” are in fact, Boz shepherds or Malak/kangal crosses with those that look more like Malaks being the most popular. If a so-called kangal has a hanging upper lip, and block skull and not a round one, stands up square not rectangular, has overly defined muscle definition then its not a Kangal but one of the aforementioned.

Lesson 3: the best fighting dogs in the world are bandogs! Usually Boerboel crossed with pit, or working lines of Neo or tosa. One such dog, a Boerboel X apbt, was undefeated against all other breeds and still to this day holds the record.

Lesson 4: game pitbulls come from a separate and distinct line from just the casual show dog (aka amstaffs). These dogs are top prize fighters who lines date back several generations back to when the breed was being developed. Of course a 120 + lbs has the advantage but what more amazing here is that sometimes, the pit wins. Self preservation, unlike what many of the larger breed have, is not one of their traits; it was bred out. That ‘underdog’ — that fighting spirit is not something to be looked down upon.

Lesson 5: say we even the odds and made kangals, CO’s, CAO’s, bully kuttas, tm’s all equal in weight to a pit. Things wouldn’t be so “overrated” then would they?


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  1. Pits are so overrated all balls no brains.

  2. CO and COA are by far the most deadly dogs with higher PSI than lions. My male CO is 110 kgs and very agile, built for fighting bears & wolves for 3,000 years, very thick skin, incredibly powerful, and the strongest defensive drive of any breed, plus they have a seemingly untouchable pain threshold when raging. However if you fight a dog or curious about it you shouldn't own one. Even rhetorical questions are based on an ignorant attitude with no care for dogs whatsoever.

    • 110 KG CAO? But then he is fat. A purebred CAO has 45-70 kg and no more!

      PS: CAOs are very sensitive to pain. A CAO is not fighting with a broken leg on. A pit bull already.

  3. st johns waterdog says:

    I have unfortunately watch videos from out of russia on dog fighting. The central asian shepard in most casess is able to destroy a pitbull in every sense of the word. They are so much heavier and stronger in the neck and jaws plus a males weight is arround the 175 lb mark and up. They in most fights seem to rear up and grab the pitbulls on the side or back of the neck then shake and whip the pittbulls to the ground. From there they do what is instinctive to the breed and that is to lay their weight on top of the dog like they would a wolf or coyote. Mauling the pitbulls to submission. Ive seen some of the fights where the Central asian shepards mouth was so big that it engulfed the whole neck of the pit or rottie. THey are just too big and powerful of a breed for APBT and other dog breeds to handle. It has taken 4000 years of this dog and its developement in throating animals to protect their flocks.

  4. william byrne says:

    Hi i have seen kangals and cao's rip pittbulls to bits all the pitbull owners make up things or morn get over it they nothe best dog the 2 at the top are all round as well who said american bulldog what a load of shit they are rubbish get killed in secs

  5. It does depends at what. Put a COV in the hot south n tell it to go hunt a pig for you. Probably not gonna work out too well. N as long as it's not some trained fighting dog the pit will usually have more character n be a better fit as a pet for most people. They cost WAY less less, eat poop and shed less. Now for a flock guarding dog who wants to roam around n protect their masters property. I'll give that to the COV. Thats what they do n do it well. They can handle cold very well but are going to be extremely lazy in temps over 75. At least compaired to a pit. So location as to where u live has something to do with it. Ok as for fighting which we all know this (aka suppossed dog lover) is talking about. Yes 95% of the time the COV will win. Deal with it. The COVs are just way too big and strong. And their freaking hair actually does help protect them. In russia they use pits as training dog's for their COVs so that when the COV gets out in a field the wolf will have to face a game tested dog. The pit vs COV isn't really a fair fight. And fighting is sad very sad, but unfair fighting to prove "russian" dog's superiority is totally dumb. Not that i'm for fighting cuz i'm not, but throw some presas straight from the canary islands in their n lets see what happens. Dang dog fighters.

    I have an american bulldog n he can't kick every dog's butt but he's the best dog in the world for me. Come on humans pick to fight n dog's don't. Watch an MMA fight or join the military to get your fix. Don't use animals that would bend over back wards for u cuz you think it will make u a man.

    • Paul Mills says:

      Fighting dogs is an activity carried out and attended by scumbags.

      Both Ovcharkas and Pit Bulls are fine dogs – owning either is a real pleasure.

      As for who wins a fight between the two, any two pit bulls would be mauled by the Caucasian. One would kill two – no sweat. They are massive and absolutely devastating in a fight. I've seen Dutch Shepherds shred pit bulls. Sadly, someone posted a video of the fight. Dutchies are tough customers as are first-class German Shepherds, particularly the Czech and East German bloodlines.

      With all this said, I love pit bulls – great dogs! I love 'em all and despise those who fight them. You belong in jail.

    • that’s not the point idiot, they are talking about strength and power not hunting a pig. get over it. COV is way more powerful and ferocious than the APBT. that’s just their nature. You are talking russian vs american, how retarded can you be. Dog don’t care about countries or race. Grow up dimwit!

    • A fight Pitbull vs. Caucasian or CAO is not fair? Yes, the CAO / Caucasain has 0 chance. Sorry, but that is a fact. Sure, a CAO against a large pit bull mix to win, but against a Game Pit Bull has no dog a chance. I myself am Russian, but I’ve seen 100 videos and relevant fights and can say the Pitbull geinnt 4 of 5 fights. Have a look yourself:
      or this: This is a Top CAO vs a Game Pitbull.: http://www.56.com/u98/v_NDc5MzIzNjc.html

      You have a American Bulldog? I’ve seen a lot of battles with Bulldogs. And can tell you a real deal American Bulldog would each CAO or KO besigen. I think American Bulldogs are in the top 5. Along with Pitbull, Tosa, Presa.

  6. Russian Wolfdogs aka Wolfhounds are able to beat any breed of dog. Look here:

  7. Ph1ngering says:

    If you were a true dogman you wouldn't be stupid enough to even ask this question.

    The days of the dogmen are dead in the country!! THANK GOD!

  8. I wish I had a a south russian ovcharka.

  9. raven blackwing says:

    If you are talking about fighting I would hope both would win because someone would tie a big piece of meat around your head and throw you in.

  10. rebelpride4574 says:

    APBT's are one of the most adaptable breeds there are. They are very competitive and will do anything to please their owners. They don't know the word quit. They are great Police dogs, Bomb sniffers, search and rescue dogs and therapy dogs. Not to mention one of the best breeds for a family dog. There are no breeds that are a versatile as the APBT.

  11. Compete in what way? Are you talking fighting? If so grow up! They are both beautiful sweet breeds.

  12. savannahbaily says:


  13. BYB's are wacka says:

    1. The plural of Wolfdog is Wolfdogs, not Wolfdog's.

    2. Compete how? Are you talking fighting? That is illegal and violates the TOS of Yahoo Answers.

    3. The Caucasian Ovcharka is a Mountain dog and shepherd, not a wolfdog. It protects the flock, but is not a wolf hunter.

    My opinion? That you are just trying to inflame people. Trolls are not worth debating.

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