People food that dogs shouldn’t have?

Sharon: Is there any “people food” that dogs just shouldn’t have, besides chocolate?
We don’t generally feed our dogs people food, but my mother-in-law does and she puppy sits for us sometimes. If she is going to give them scraps, I at least want to make sure that she knows what could really hurt them so that she won’t accidentally feed them that. Thanks!

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Answer by sarah
onions are poison to becareful with that.,..and really anything with sugar in it is bad aswell

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  1. bonesetter says

    Macadamia nuts. I gave just one to my GSP, and in 15 minutes he had broken out in pea sized lumps, all over. It didn't distress him at all, and he had no signs of ill-health (looked like a "picnic" chocolate bar), so we watched carefully as they resolved over 2-3 days.

    Some internet researched revealed that macadamia toxicity is a very real entity, however, so I won't be giving him any more.

    In general though, think about what a dog would eat in the wild, and there isn't a lot that you won't give them.

  2. angelfire0488 says

    Steak. My pomeranian grabbed a piece that my brother dropped and he ran off. My brother was downstairs and the dog was upstairs. Well, the sad thing is that he started choking and my brother didn't notice. My poor little doggie had a seizure while he was choking and sad to say he is schedualed to be burried in our back yard when the ground thaws. So with any food that you feed your dog I would make sure it is very small and then watch them as they eat it, don't let them run off with it.

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