People food that dogs shouldn’t have?

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Sharon: Is there any “people food” that dogs just shouldn’t have, besides chocolate?
We don’t generally feed our dogs people food, but my mother-in-law does and she puppy sits for us sometimes. If she is going to give them scraps, I at least want to make sure that she knows what could really hurt them so that she won’t accidentally feed them that. Thanks!

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Answer by sarah
onions are poison to becareful with that.,..and really anything with sugar in it is bad aswell

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  1. bonesetter says

    Macadamia nuts. I gave just one to my GSP, and in 15 minutes he had broken out in pea sized lumps, all over. It didn't distress him at all, and he had no signs of ill-health (looked like a "picnic" chocolate bar), so we watched carefully as they resolved over 2-3 days.

    Some internet researched revealed that macadamia toxicity is a very real entity, however, so I won't be giving him any more.

    In general though, think about what a dog would eat in the wild, and there isn't a lot that you won't give them.

  2. angelfire0488 says

    Steak. My pomeranian grabbed a piece that my brother dropped and he ran off. My brother was downstairs and the dog was upstairs. Well, the sad thing is that he started choking and my brother didn't notice. My poor little doggie had a seizure while he was choking and sad to say he is schedualed to be burried in our back yard when the ground thaws. So with any food that you feed your dog I would make sure it is very small and then watch them as they eat it, don't let them run off with it.

  3. bug_eyed_bug says

    If your dog is small then I would be very careful with onions, garlic, sugary foods and grapes/raisins. They can cause all sorts of problems like rotten teeth, anemia or toxicity.

  4. Wife&Mom says

    I've read through all of the other answers and that's alot of stuff to remember. Here's my suggestions and it's very simple. Just supply your MIL with DOG treats and ask her to please not give your dog human food. Anytime she gives her dogs human food she can give your dog a doggie treat!

  5. bitsy girl says

    any kinds of nuts
    cat food (if you have any cats around)
    and raisins (at lest i saw in a book)

  6. Karen s says

    Some foods should be avoided completely. The following are harmful and possibly fatal to dogs:
    · Sweets and sugars
    · Raisins & Grapes
    · Raw pork
    · Raw fish
    · Any kind of poultry that is raw
    · Any kind of raw or cooked poultry bones
    · Coffee
    · Mushrooms
    · Onions and garlic (in large quantities)
    . Baby foods (onions)
    . Macademia Nuts
    . Walnuts

  7. lilnicole45 says

    i looked up some sites for u about food and just pther things that could b around the house that is bad for dogs:

    i would sugest looking at ALL of them. and the 2nt site i gave u even has a number for animal poison control center ncase it ever does eat or get into any of these things!

    hope this helps!

  8. srodrico says


    They have dog food. That's it and enough…

    Be straight up with her. People food can react very bad with dogs digestive system or get them sick to the point of death!

    Plain non-seasoned, non oiled just boiled chicken breast, other healthy meats, egg or rice is good, but not all the time neither.

    Dog food has special nutrients that are best for the dog. If your dog gets accustomed to eating scraps then it will never want to eat anymore dog food. Your dog will not be as healthy as it should or even live as long as it should. Unless it has its proper diet…

    Really be careful with what you feed it. Innova, California gold, or even a kangaroo diet food is really one of the best foods they can eat. They will get all there nutrients and much more…

    Think of your pet as a child of yours, not just an animal.
    Remember vitamins, glucosemine, and plenty of water too.

  9. mystic_eye_cda says

    You know some people say garlic is toxic, and yet many people use it to prevent fleas.

    I have heard the same about onion skins. However honestly I bet it is like pointesettia. Bet you were told pointsettas were poisonous to dogs and cats (and humans). Well they do contain a poisonous toxin but the AMOUNT you would have to consume would make you sick from over eating long before you would get sick from the poison. So umm don't make a distilled essence of them and feed large quantities.

    Also you'd be surprised how much a large or medium sized dog would have to eat of chocolate in order to be sick.

    Also different people will give you different lists of cooked bones that shouldn't be fed to dogs. This list varies from place to place.

    Honestly use your best judgement.

  10. duoak says

    Garlic is a big no-no, and since a lot of people food contains some trace of garlic you should be careful. In general, I try to avoid food that could get stuck in their throats, such as raisins and peanuts. I had a big scare once when my chihuahua swallowed a peanut and started choking.

  11. noyb says

    I know there is a list on the net somewhere, I just don't know what site it's on. Hopefully someone else will have more info for you.

  12. lovingclementine says

    Garlic and onions. The biggest thing people forget with the "treat" their dog with people foods – they forget that dogs can't brush their teeth!

    Dogs mouths were never designed to digest sugars and cooked meats, processed foods and bread products.

    So when your MIL feeds your dog scraps she is essentially rotting your dogs teeth out. I never believed this until I met two "sister" dogs from the same litter. Pure bred black labs from show parents. One dog was fed carrots and wheat bread as a treat – the other was strictly kept on dog food and dry treats. The dog that was fed scraps had a full mouth of rotting teeth – broken canines and molars that needed to be extracted. The other dog had some tartar but otherwise had great teeth.

    Poor teeth and gum diease leads to liver and kidney disease in Dog and Cats. Consider that before you give your dog table foods.

    Is there a shortage of dog treats on the market???

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