Neighbor won't take their dog to a vet after injury?

John: Neighbor won't take their dog to a vet after injury (collision with a tree)?
The dog is a Russian Wolfhound (borzoi) and it ran into a tree the other day and now her head and leg are seriously bruised. She walks, but you can see she is in pain. Now, this guy won't take her to the vet. I have no clue why. He doesn't take his 2 dogs to the vet for vaccinations either.

Can someone tell me what i should do? should i call the humane society or what? He doesn't abuse the dogs, he feeds them better food than he eats himself, he treats them with respect, but he won't f*cking take them to the vet to get vaccinated or get xrays done on the dog thats injured.

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I guess he thinks it will just go away.

well to answer a question that someone asked, i know he doesnt take them to the vet because I asked him.
oh and his other 16 year old bluetick coonhound has like 5 tumours on its belly...sad. i know.
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Answer by Kip’s Mom
Call the human society. Refusal to get necessary medical treatment is considered abuse.

Answer by LU13

well if the dog is jsut bruised and actually walking, then he will be fine.

sometimes its just like the regular doctor, a visit will just cost you alot of money for them to tell you that he needs "time" to heal.

and if he doesnt take it to the vet, and does this time, and the vet tells him that he has to go through surgery, what do you think he would do????

i know he prolly wouldnt go home with the dog.

Answer by nanookadenord

I can pretty much agree with LU13.

We have 5 kids ourselves (the two legged variety) and we don't take them to the doctor for every little sniffle or fever. Our doctor appreciates this because sometimes it's just worse to bring them in rather then staying at home.

If it's bruised pretty bad, you can be sure that the dog will limp a bit. Bruises will do that even to a human.

Just keep an eye on the dog and if in a week or two goes by and the dog still seems to be limping then maybe suggest to the man that he should bring it to the vet and have the dog evaluated.

As for vaccinations, I know that in many states it is legal for you at home to give the DHLPP vaccine and I know in my own home state, the county has free rabies clinics. You can bring your dog, cat for ferret in for free rabies vaccines. It's very possible that this is what this man has been doing along as well. It can also be possible that he doesn't believe in giving the DHLPP ever year and in most states you can have 3 year rabies vaccines.

The above paragraph is just playing devil's advocate and hoping that maybe you will think a little more about it before possibly calling the SPCA on the guy for no reason.

Answer by DesertBorzoi

What a horrible incident! I have a borzoi of my own and if I saw him run into a tree and bruised on his head and legs I'd take him straight into the vet. Borzoi have very fine bones and not much muscle mass compared to other breeds. They are very prone to injuries since they are built for speed. Much like a cheetah – if a cheetah is injured then its sentenced to death. Of course borzoi don't have to hunt for food now but it can seriously cause great pain. I would call the humane society or the police – anything!

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  1. froggy says

    call the humane society.and let them know. u could also call animal control. and it doesn't matter if he feeds the dogs better than he eats. if the dog is hurt and u can see it's in pain, that is animal cruetly. and something need to be done. would he do that w/ a child? good luck i hope u help this dog out cause it can't take care of it's self.

  2. maryj1968 says

    Not everyone goes to the vet for vaccines. You can purchase them and give them yourself. This may be his case. But if the dog is seriously injured it should go to the vet. Call your humane society and let them make the call.

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