My Dog Can

my_dog_can_driveNobody knows the exact capabilities of his dog. If your dog doesn't do anything extraordinary, it only means that it didn't have a chance to.

And when it suddenly does, you usually exclaim: Wow! My dog can… read the clock! doors! …dig holes! …smell from afar! …sing! …see its reflection …turn off the light!

Please, don't be surprised. Just spend a little more time with your dog and give it more freedom. Then one day you will be shocked: Oh, God! My dog can drive!!! (Photo Credit: Veritas!/Flickr)

Did you ever think that dogs can fly? Take a glance at the picture! This dog has successfully taken off, and his owner shows him the flight direction.

Photo Credit: J.Star/Flickr

My dog can hang in the air, - says the owner of this cutie. According to her, it can hover like this for hours!

my_dog_can_flyPhoto Credit: bartheq/Flickr

Another owner was surprised to learn that her pet can climb trees. She didn't ever know that dogs enjoy it even more than cats!

my_dog_can_climb_treesPhoto Credit: yananine/Flickr

My dog can walk on water!!! That was a real shock! The owner newer knew that his dog was doing it all the time to get home faster.

my_dog_can_walk_on_waterPhoto Credit: aneye4apicture/Flickr

Many dogs like to sing and usually have good ear for music. But only some of them can accompany their songs.

my_dog_can_play_pianoIt surely takes some time to teach them how to play musical instruments. Please don't be so lazy and find some time for that. Then one day you can tell your guests: My dog can play piano!

This nice pet is taking his lessons three times a week. He's still playing musical scales but his owners are sure that quite soon he will play Beethoven or Bach!  (Photo Credit: ashley.adcox/Flickr)

The most difficult task is to teach your dog some unusual tricks, like stealing food from the table or gnawing furniture. Don’t give way to despair, and you’ll manage to do it!

One owner was so proud of his dog’s training achievements, that he ordered a special golden plate saying:

My dog can lick anyone!

my_dog_can_lick_anyonePhoto credit: jasonEscapist/Flickr

Please tell us what unusual tricks your dog can do.

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Our Dogs Talk, Sing and Dance!

Have you heard your dog singing? Have you seen your dog dancing? Did you ever listen to your talking dog?

All of our dogs can talk, sing and dance. You just have to share more of your time with your pets and encourage them to show you all their magnificent abilities. Talk to your dog and you'll hear your dog speak. Play your favorite musical instrument to him and you'll soon get a singing dog. Turn on the music and make your dog dance. He will be really happy to communicate with you this way. (Photo Credit: azlezoo/Flickr)

Talking Dog

Mishka, the Siberian Husky, is a popular Youtube talking dog. His husky dog talking has won him a lot of fans. His famous "I love you" is addressed to all dog lovers.

According to the latest rumors, Mishka is now practicing to say the same phrase in Russian: "Ya lyublyu vas". Actually, it's not very difficult to say "I love you" in Russian. It is pronounced almost like "yellow blue bus".

Singing Dog

Russians like to sing. Russian dogs do too.

This beautiful Borzoi is too lazy to sing much but sometimes he makes his master happy with his pleasant dog singing. Needless to say that this Russian wolfhound is singing the Russian national anthem. There's only a hope that he will learn Yankee Doodle someday.

Dancing Dog

As for dog dance there are lots of dancing dog videos online. This one is quite funny. Just make your speakers louder and invite your own pet to enjoy it together.

After you see your dog dancing, hear your dog singing and listen to your talking dog please take a minute to share your new experience with us.



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