July 24, 2014

Is there such a breed as Miniature English Sheepdog?

Question by K: Help me prove someone wrong – have you ever heard of a Miniature English Sheepdog?
I know it’s not real. I need help convincing someone else it isn’t. They paid $ 1,500 dollars for what they were told was a purebreed, papered (won’t show me the papers) Miniature English Sheepdog. Does anyone know what breeds make up this latest mutt scam?

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Answer by Kim
no. at least i’ve never heard of it (and i’ve got lots of books on dog breeds) ^_^

this sounds a tiny bit like what happened with my dog, though he wasn’t so expensive. he’s supposed to be a mini schnauzer (which definitely exist lol) but he seems so much bigger than all the others we’ve seen…….

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  1. I've herd of a Shetland Sheepdog, which are like small collies…

  2. Ask them to prove it exists by looking at the list of breeds of AKC, UKC or a legit foreign registry – he won't be able to find it; which means he's been scammed big time by a byb or mill.

    Your job is to tell your friend the importance of spaying/neutering this sheepdog by 6-9 months old and never breed it. Or ask "so when will you be showing your dog". Ask what registry the dog is from – and then you can prove on the net that its a scam.

  3. Rayven ~ Here we Go says:

    http://www.oldenglishsheepdogclubofamerica.org/br… Print out the breed standard from the breed's national club. Highlight the section on size and ask them where they see the word "miniature"

    That said when people spend that sort of money they are near impossible to get to admit they were scammed.

  4. http://www.akc.org/breeds/complete_breed_list.cfm
    if the breed is not listed there then the dog doesn't have papers

  5. A Christian says:

    Tell the person to look it up on google and see just how many purebred clubs and rescues they find on that 'breed', in addition to whether or not it is listed in any of the Kennel Clubs in the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (a large group of Kennel Clubs throughout the world).

    Do it gently, though, because it can't feel good to pay that much money for a mix-breed.

    But don't let the person give up on the dog, either. Mixed-breeds are wonderful animals! ^^

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