Is the Caucasian Ovcharka dog easy to train ?

Ashlee: is the Caucasian Ovcharka easy to train ?
what size dog collar does it need ? and are they a large or a larger ? my sister wants to get one

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Answer by YA!
they are very big dogs. they are hard to train

Answer by Jane
I can tell you right now this is NOT the right dog for you. This is a working livestock guard dog, and needs experienced people to keep them working, and not bored. Large dogs that are bored can be very troublesome.

Please do your research before considering this breed. It is only going to be trouble for you, and certainly not fair to the dog, they "may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies". Certainly not a wise choice in dogs for the average person.

Answer by Magic Mixed Kid

If you are not experienced with dogs then I personally would not recommend this breed for you.

Answer by cav mom

This is not a dog for a first time owner. They are fine with their family, very protective but aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. They require extensive socializing very early on. The CO is a Russian breed ranging from 100-150lbs. and 26-30inch’s. at the withers. Very heavy coats for the weather of the country they originated from. Check the site below for more information.

Answer by FoxFire Farms

Co like CAO have no ears so flat collars can slip off, martingales of chain can be best

Answer by nell77

this really depends how much time you spend training the Caucasian Ovcharka…..
You should get a large and strong collar for this doggy
Also this breed is pretty large , but not as big as a Great Dane ( if you are wondering )

Answer by •Çøšmø•

I can't tell you how large they get but maybe if you contact the breed club below then they should be able to help you.
Good luck and i hope you find the answer you are looking for.

Answer by Ignorance is Bliss

For me, Caucasian Ovtcharka is a breed that I absolutely adore, but would never own.... luv the dogs...dont have anywhere near the experience to own one!

Answer by ∞CHAO§∞ Fit and Healthy Bulldogs

I am with you on that.

Answer by Dont Litter! Spay or

Caucasians are on my list too!

Turkish kangals, Dogo Argentinos, Central Asian Ovcharkas, Cane Corsos

Im a powerfull large breed lover..I know that any such breed in my hands, will be the best/well behaved example of its breed

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