Is Russian Ovcharka the largest dog breed?

DonW: What is(was) the largest dog breed?
Many decades I had a book that listed the Russian Ovcharka as the largest. The breed was not recognized by AKC. I can find no references to this breed.

English Mastiff photo

Photo Credit: Claudio Gennari ..."Cogli l'attimo ferma il tempo"/Flickr

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Answer by dogtrainer7

I always thought it is the Irish Wolf hound

Answer by Valley of the Danes

The largest AKC breed is the Irish Wolfhound(32″), with a close 2nd going to the Great Dane (30″ but preferred 32″ however most being shown measure 36″).

Dogs are measured at the whithers while standing on all fours. NOT standing on their hind legs. Dogs do not walk around upright so they are not measured that way.

Dogs are not determined to be the largest based on weight because you could create an obese dog that weighs as much as a giant breed dog.

The Mastiff (not English Mastiff) which is recognized by the AKC has a standard that says 30″.
And the ones you see being shown are not any taller than a Wolfie or a Dane.

The South Russian Ovcharka, a hearding breed, has a height of 24 – 25″ with a weight equivalent to its height.

Or could you be referring to the Circassian Orloff Wolfhound? That would be the Russian Wolfhound aka Borzoi, 28″.

Those dogs in Ripley’s are some of the worst representatives of the breed. That harl Dane is so dang tall primarily due to the fact the dog has no angles. Any idea if he’s neutered?

Answer by iBePWNIN ♥Great Dane Slobber♥

Do you mean the South Russian Ovtcharka?
They’re pretty big.

The tallest dog living today is a Great Dane named Gibson, who is 42.2 inches tall at the shoulder and 7 foot tall when he stands up.

The heaviest dog is the English Mastiff.
Zorba the English Mastiff weighs in at 343 lbs and almost 8 foot long from nose to tail.

Giant Dog sizes:

Irish Wolfhound: weight: 105-125 lbs. height: 35 in.
Great Danes: weight: 110-170 lbs. height: 30 – 38 inches.
English Mastiff: weight: 175-190 lbs. height: 27.5-30 in.
Neopolitan Mastiff: weight: 150-180 lbs. height: 26-31 in.
Newfoundland: weight: 130-150 lbs. height 28-30 in.
Saint Bernard: weight: 150-200 lbs. height: 27-30 in.

I’m going to say Great Danes are the largest breed. Although there are many that are very close.

Answer by eefs

an english mastiff called Zobra was the largest dog ever recorded
in general a lot of the big working and mountain dogs such as st.bernard, newfoundland, burmese mountain dog, etc..can grow quite large, males more so than the females.

but by height i would probably say the irish wolfhound overall.
had the pleasure of seeing one once.amazingly tall.

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