Is purina puppy chow good for my labradors?

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precious jewel: Is purina puppy chow good for my labs?
Ive been feeding my almost one year old lab purina puppy chow her whole life. I just got another lab about 7 months ago and have done the same for him. Is it a bad dog food???? I want the best for my dogs so if purina isn’t good what should I switch them to?

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Answer by Ryan
Most people will tell you yes, try to get a better dog food. But my old dog was fed Pedigree (oh evil pedigree) his whole life. He is 12 and is in PERFECT health.

HAHA told ya!

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  1. darksong17 says

    Good for them? No, it's a pretty low quality food.

    Not all pet food is made equally. A lot of it is full of corn, by-products, dyes, unhealthy preservatives, filler grains and all sorts of nasty stuff. A lot of pet food companies are perfectly happy to the dump cheap leftovers and things that aren't safe for human consumption (from human food processing plants) into their foods. Will it kill your dog? No, it has to be nutritionally complete and safe to even be marketed. Is it healthy? Not by a long shot.

    Corn is a low quality ingredient you never want to see in your pet food. Corn and low quality grains are two of the biggest culprits when it comes to food allergies in our pets.

    Thankfully, there are some excellent dog foods being made these days that include organic, human grade ingredients rather than trash not fit for human consumption.

    Examples of low quality foods to avoid: Anything you can find in a grocery store will be low end, Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Pedigree, Kibbles n' Bits, Beneful, Ol'Roy.

    Examples of high quality foods to look for: Innova, Wellness, Solid Gold, Canidae All Life Stages, Fromm Four Star, Merrick, GO Natural, Nature's Variety Prairie, Nature's Logic, Artemis Fresh Mix, Timberwolf Organics.

    Although the high quality foods are more expensive, you're getting what you're paying for. Less filler material means more concentrated nutrients… this means you typically need to feed far less of the high quality food than you would of the low quality one. Which also means less poop!

    Before following your vet's food recommendation, keep in mind that vets get /very/ little nutritional training during their schooling. Besides that, what training they /do/ get is usually sponsored or taught by the crappy pet food companies! They also often get paid to sell some of their products at their clinics (Science Diet, Royal Canin etc.)

    A great option is to go with an entirely grainless diet. Many of the high quality foods now put out grainless formulas. Some good grainless diets include: Innova EVO, Wellness CORE, Blue Wilderness, Nature's Variety Instinct, Orijen, Horizon Legacy, Merrick Before Grain, Canidae Grain Free All Life Stages, Fromm Surf & Turf, Now! and Sold Gold Barking At The Moon, Taste of the Wild.

    Some pretty decent foods can even be found in common pet stores. Petsmart carries Blue Buffalo products (such as the excellent grain free diet Blue Wilderness). Petco carries Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack Holistic, Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux Organix, Pinnacle, and Halo. If you can't find a food, most of the high quality food brands have websites with store locators on them.

    Another option, if you can't find anywhere around you that sells good foods, is to order your pet food online. Here's an excellent place to do so:

    Remember that foods should be switched gradually (mixing new slowly in with the old over about a two week period), especially when switching to a higher quality one, so as not to upset tummies.

    Another option for feeding dogs is to feed raw. This is something that should be thoroughly researched before being attempted:

    More on dog food: (Learn how to determine the quality of your dog's food.) (Dog food reviews. Four stars is a decent food, five stars is a great food, and six stars is an excellent food.)

  2. Pikachu says

    Well i've been told that you shouldn't keep your dog on puppy chow after 6 months. Puppy chow is overloaded with hormones and a lot of stuff that makes the puppy's bones grow grow fast, not really working on making good bones. I moved my puppy onto adult dog food by the time she was 6 months. We used to feed her Eukanuba puppy food but i starting hearing bad stuff about them. I talked to this one lady who worked at the rescue i got my puppy and she recommended Diamond naturals, but my dogs had bad gas and wet poo, now we feed them Nutriasource- they poop smaller (since they are absorbing more nutrients in their food), and their farts don't clear the room. I also get to feed them less since the food is very wholesome- its affordable too cheaper than eukanuba. Also i was so frustrated with the bad gas issue that i told the pet store that i would return it if it didn't work, they guaranteed it saying that if i changed my dogs' food today they wouldn't have problems adjusting (since most dogs take up to 2 weeks to assimilate to new food properly)and they didn't have any issues. Currently we are very satisfied with this dog food. Better coats, dogs love the test, and lasts longer.

    Good Luck!

  3. Valley of the Danes says

    Ryan is absolutely correct.
    IF your dogs are thriving on the food don't make a fuss.
    Puppy Chow is for puppies so just be aware of that.

    If the coat looks good, teeth clean, gums healthy, weight good, stools not excessive -size, firmness or too loose, pup is vibrant and active…
    If this is the case the dog is doing fine.

    There are better foods to feed but what works for somebody elses dog isn't always going to work for yours. Some dogs do well on Canidae, my dogs show no interest in it.

    Some folks swear by Innova. Innova gives my dogs very loose stools.

    Some people can't feed their dogs a food that's too high in protein. I personally have never had a problem with this (except in the case of Innova).

    Some dogs gain weight on Performance diets. Mine just don't.

    A raw diet is a great option, only when fed properly, but even I have a couple that prefer kibble over chicken backs.

    Be informed of the ingredients in the food you feed, know what they're good for or what kind of crap filler they might be.
    Read labels. Try your dogs on different foods.
    And if you want to pick up some free samples just go to a dog show in your area. Shows are typically sponsored by one or more food company and they bring LOTS of samples that they give out and they also bring bags that they sell for much less than your local pet food store.
    Other vendors also set up to sell food and will bring multiple samples as well.
    Vendors I see routinely at shows:
    California Natural
    Solid Gold
    Chicken Soup

    You decide.

  4. Weimaraner Mom says

    Most dog owners will tell you that Purina is full of fillers and contains very little nutritional value, therefore a dog must eat more of the low nutrition food in order to get the same nutrition as a higher quality food. That's why most claim that the higher the nutrition the less amount a dog needs to consume, also more of the food is absorbed and therefore the dog eliminates less. 2-3 times a day versus 5 times a day. Most people will tell you that feeding purina is like eating McDonalds 2 times a day for the rest of your life, how healthy would you be?

    It all depends on how much you want to spend on dog food. If spending $ 50 for a 30lb bag is not your thing then maybe a higher nutrition dog food isn't for you and you need to look for a middle ground. It's your choice what you want to feed your dogs, you're the one having to pay for it so it should be your decision. If your dogs are doing fine on it and they are experiencing no problems then if you choose to stay on that food it shouldn't matter what anyone else here thinks.

    However, if you are looking to switch foods, look for ones that contain no wheat, corn or wheat gluten, especially wheat gluten you'll want to avoid that as it was associated with the Pet Food Recalls in 2007.

    Good luck

  5. Chihuahua Addict R.I says

    Purina and every other single brand of food that is sold in grocery stores and stores like Walmart, in my opinion is nothing but "Road Kill" and I would never feed any of that kind of food to any of my dogs. Mine eat Canidae All Life Stages! It's healthier, my dogs love it, and it's reasonably priced!
    Just so you can get an idea, of why I don't feed any of this stuff, to any of my dogs, and what the ingredients are, that they put in this food, that goes into your dogs body, really are:

    In my opinion, it's really pretty disgusting!

  6. maggies mom says

    Please do some research online, there are many fabulous Human Grade dog foods out there and we all have our opinion of what is best. I personally feed Eagle Pack Holistic. Yes it is more expensive but they dogs actually eat less because it is not full of fillers. So instead of 5-6 cups a day, the recommended is 3-4. You would be shocked to find out what is in the mainstream dog foods, maybe actually nauseous. Let alone having beautiful, healthy pups is priceless.

    Thanks for asking, you are on the right track!!

  7. Chihuahualove2 says

    I wouldn't feed my dogs it because I believe my dogs need dog food I can identify so they eat homemade dog food. Despite what I believe my friend has 4 american bull dogs and they have always been on purina and an and two are 13 years old and 2 is 10 years old.
    So what I am saying is everyone has to make their own choice on what their fury friends will eat based on their own vet and knowledge of what they feel is best.

  8. puplovetft says

    No,no, no,! Now, that said, could your dog survive on it? Yes, but it's like you living on nothing but McDonald's hamburgers (same goes for Pedigree or any store brand).

    Go to and check out the rating for your current food. Then choose a better (4-6 star) rated food. There are many good ones to choose from. Once you decide on a few quality ones, get some samples and see which your dog prefers.

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