Is Purina Puppy Chow a good food for my puppy?

sam: I feed my puppy Purina Puppy Chow is this a good food for him?
I have Jack Russell. He is about 10 weeks. He is of healthy weight. I just want to make sure that i am feeding him food that will help him thrive.

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Answer by Maddie R
yup purina is one of the best brands you can get after science diet and other more expensive sold at vets

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  1. Antonio says

    Purina is a reliable brand and contrary to popular belief your dog can eat Purina dog food and live a long healthy complete life. If you take a look at most of the boutique brands mentioned above most of of them are all manufactured by a handful of companies and nearly all source their dry ingredients from the same rendering plant. Also check for recalls you'll see that Purina has fewer than most of those expensive brands and they have a much longer history of producing quality pet food for generations of animals that far exceed the knowledge of many of these new independent boutique style brands which haven't been around more than 10 years or so. Many of them lack actual feeding research behind these products as well. You'll do well by feeding Purina.

  2. ♥Friends with says

    Here is a site that will show you which dog foods are the best and the worst. I suggest that you get any one of the dog foods that are top rated.
    Most of grocery store dog food formulas, like Purina, Pedigree,and etc contain "meat and bone meal" which has been known to contain dead dogs and cats that were euthanized in animal shelters. Their bodies are picked up and bought by the truck load by "rendering plants" , that also pick up road kill, dead live stock, and etc. They are shredded, and boiled. They skim off the fat on the top of the "soup" and collected it and sell it to pet food companies as "animal fat", the rest of the animals' remains are crushed up, dried and sold to dog and cat food companies as meat and bone meal.
    You can read more about it here.
    Here is an article where the owner of a rendering plant talks about it. He says that cremating the dead shelter animals would cause pollution, and that rendering them is good.

    Here is further information on what you shouldn't see in the ingredients list in your dogs' food.
    Top rated dog foods like Canidae contain good healthy ingredients.

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