Is male Doberman a good dog to have?

D.A.: Questions about dobermans?
I'm interested in buying a male doberman very soon... just have a couple of questions lol.

how big is their poop? and i'm talking about poo coming out from a full grown doberman.
i know you might find this question kinda odd... but ive been raising only chihuahuas for the past 10 years so im used to seeing waste the size of my middle finger lol

and ive heard they can be quite high jumpers.
the gate that surrounds our house and lawn is approximately 4 ft and 8 inches in height. Do you think this is sufficient enough? The doberman will be raised inside the house until about 6 months of age.

also... i own a 5 year old female chihuahua right now... how should i introduce them? i'm assuming a doberman pup (approx 8weeks) will be bigger than her? chihuahuas have a sort of "clannish" behavior...they seem to like their own breed better than others. i had no problem introducing her to other chihuahuas, but my little cousin brought over his baby rat terrier/chi and that didnt go too well...
and do they shed a lot

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New Yorker: honestly, don't ever publicly judge someone and ask them if they are ready to make a commitment or not, especially if that person has owned dogs because that in my book is just rude.
you people have this stupid mentality that chihuahuas are rats that yap all day long and you can keep them cooped up in a small crowded apartment and not have them exercised. well your wrong. i go our running with my dog daily for an hour. i've raised 7 chihuahuas over the past 10 years and i have volunteered at an animal shelter and aquarium for 4 years encountering MANY animals of MANY sizes. i think i have a pretty good knowledge what dedication and commitment is whatever the size or breed the dog may be.

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Answer by New Yorker
The doberman is so different from what you have now. Allot of work and they need allot of walks and of course since they're big everything else is going to be big. You need to take the dog outside to use the bathroom about every half of an hour. Give him/her a treat when they have done they're deed.Get ready for a couple of walks a day. Maybe you should re think this.

Answer by Hillier
Yeah dobermans are a big change.They're big and very strong. So you really need to be in control of that dog at all times and they require a lot of exercise. Of course I'm sure you've already done some research, hence the type of your choosing :) But if this is a dog you want, go for it, just be aware of their tremendous strength. Seriously my first dog could drag me for a mile just to go after a duck, no joke :) Because they have shorter hair, I don't think they shed too much, but I imagine quite a bit in the summer time. Not sure, can't remember, I just know their fur is shorter than most dogs with longer hair so odds are a doberman is going to shed less than a dog with longer fur.

If you're dogs prefer their own types, it may be best to stick to that or small dogs. Dobermans yeah, big waist disposal. Hard to say how they'll adjust to the new pup. Try introducing them to other pups in the stores to see if it isn't just a certain breed they don't like? Never owned a chihuahua but I've met one and she was a bit of a mix so she had soft fur but she was adorable for being such a tiny dog.

For your fence I would ask about the possibility of getting a higher one. I would consider this with the breeder to be certain because at their height especially. You can always see too. Besides, no ones doubting your knowledge and understanding on dogs, nor size you have come across in the past we're just stating that they're big dogs with a pretty good strength range, that's all. We don't know what types you've met, so we're just stating basics because some may not know their tremendous strength. We didn't for our first dog, found that out the hard way. Anyway regular sized doggie poop bags should cover a dobermans size pretty well, and they make different ranges of them anyway, some scented too. This will sound gross but it'll probably be a handful to scoop up their little presents. We've got the little doggie present bag holder attached to the leash so we don't have to use safeway bags all the time when we're out on walks with ours :) very convenient if you don't have one. They don't cost much anyway and the only thing you have to remember is to re-fill the holder with bags when empty. Anyway here is a link to the canadian kennel clubs information on dobermans:

Answer by entry
their poop is about the same size as peoples i guess xD and a 4 ft fence should be enough my dobie doesn't ever try to jump it .-. and yes you should introduce your dogs :) maybe you should put them in a room together and watch them and let them get use to eachother first since the dog will be like twice as big as your dog xD and dobermans will be an excellent running partner me and my dobie run around town everyday after school :)...but your dobie should get along with your dog they are verry lovable dogs

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