April 25, 2014

Is it okay to leave my toy poddle and miniature Maltese for a week?

Question by Katie: I’m leaving my dogs for a week will they be okay?
I’m going to Las Vegas for a week I have 2 dogs and toy poddle and miniature Maltese and I’m feeling really sad leaving my poddle for a whole week because I think he has separation anxiety because if I leave for five mintues and come back you can hear him crying outside and then when I go in they jumps all over me and bark and I have my neighbor coming and checking them daily but I’m really scared . I don’t want him to forget me or run away. It’s more my toy poddle I’m worried about he has ran away like 3 times when I just leave to the store thankfully I always find him and when I take him in the car and go to a store when I go in and my daughter stays with him hes crys like crazy and goes back and forth even though he can see me in the store. I just want him to be okay? Will he? Will he try and run away?

Quick answers:

Answer by Redcherry
You’d better ask somebody to take care of them. Maybe they would feel better.

Answer by Sierra N
As long as you have somebody watching them they will be fine and no they won’t forget you my mom had to rehome one of her dogs when we were kids and didn’t see him till a yr later and he still remembered her so as long as the person watching them keeps them on a leash so they can’t run off they will be fine

Answer by Horse Lover
You are the reason he is like that. You have not applied enough rules, boundaries, limitations, exercise, training and socialization. He is just spoiled.

He is not going to run away or forget you. Geez….grow up.

Answer by ♥Domino♥ RIP Mimi. You will be missed
There is NO SUCH THING as a Poddle or a Miniature Maltese. Its POODLE and Maltese only come in ONE size. If you are leaving them to their own devices alone in the house then don’t be surprised when Animal Control goes in and takes them.

Answer by Kathy
As a responsible pet owner, I would have to ask you, what is more important, going to Las Vegas, or staying home to make absolutely sure your pets are safe? If you HAVE to go, PLEASE make sure a RESPONSIBLE person comes into your home AT LEAST 3 times daily to feed and water your dogs, and let them out to potty. If they go outside, they MUST be leashed. They should NOT go out unattended. That is absolutely a MUST! If you’re still concerned, then I would think, for your own peace of mind, take the poodle to your vet and board the dog there. Sure, it will cost a lot of money, but at least you will know the dog will always be safe.

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  1. Its ok! Lock them up and tell your neighbor to give him lots of love!

  2. Ask the person taking care of them to spend a lot of time with them and keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t run away.

  3. Debra Woodbridge, VA says:

    Your dog is at high risk for bolting and running in an effort to find you. Can you get a family member to stay at your house? If not I suggest a professional pet sitter or boarding.
    From what you describe this will not end well.

  4. I Luv My Daughter says:

    have a dogsitter on hand

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