Is it ok to get my red shiba inu dog a lion cut?

georgew: Is it ok to have my red shiba inu get a lion cut?
For the hot summer I was thinking of taking my shiba inu (spitz) dog to a groomer to get his body shaved shorter and leave the head fur. Has anyone done this with their spitz type dog? Will the tips of the hair that are red come back after it grows out. I noticed that only the tips of his hair on the back are red. Under is silver white.

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Answer by Loki ❆ Wolfchild
Double-coated spitz breeds should NEVER be shaved. It doesn’t make them cooler; it destroys their coat, and what grows back comes in thicker, softer, and less capable of keeping the dog warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

It also opens the skin to sunburn. It is not a good idea.

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  1. PupLuvr says

    A dog's coat is like a house's insulation, it keeps them cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, so shaving them for their sake is not a good idea, unless they are horribly matted.

  2. joanplus4dogs says

    Don't do it. Your dog sheds enough hair to keep himself cool & protected from sun, insects etc. Their coat helps regulate their body temperature & w/o it they can overheat very quickly. Besides looking like crap, this is completely unnecessary. Plus often the hair will only grow back in patchy.

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