Is it normal for a pitbull to have ten puppies in the first litter?

Tierra D: is it normal for a pitbull to have ten puppies her first litter?
my dog just gave birth to ten beautiful puppies. she is a pitbull and this is her first litter, is ten normal?

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Answer by Baa_Baa_Blacksheep
yep. Bigger dogs equal larger litters usually. have fun. With all the retarded anti pit bull things going around I’d have all the puppies and mom altered asap to avoid having them taken if something goes down where you live.

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  1. Beckie says

    is that normal? Girl you got off easy! When our pitbull Chloe had her first litter she had 16! 2 were still-born because her labor went on so long, she had to be induced again. We were the stars at the vet that day! haha. Gratz on the puppies! pit pups are soooo cute.

  2. Lexy says

    Were you high when you decided not to spay your dog?
    Do you know how many pitbulls die in shelters?
    Do you realize what bad rep they have?
    Do you know that you and many other BYB'S are contributing to pet overpopulation?

    Yes it is normal.

    PLEASE make sure those pups go to good homes. please. and spay your sure the pups go to a nice home with a spay and neuter contract.

  3. pupgranny says

    Yes, big dogs have big litters, be sure that she's eating the very best food, I've raised dogs for 35 years, and the best I've found, has information , price comparisons and a video on this website. This is NOT my site:

    I would also give her 1000 mg of Calcium a day since she's needing so much to nurse so many pups, Maybe hide it in a piece of cheese, or peanut butter. Or grind it between two spoons and sprinkle it on her food.

  4. Ocimom says

    Yes, its a little high but possible. Our lab was only 9 months old when she got pregnant (we didn't get her till 14 months old – not us who didn't take the responsibility of getting spayed – she is now tho). At 11 months old she gave birth to 10 mixed pups (lab/rottie cross from the markings).

  5. Soup Dragon says

    It's normal for her. If they are all fine then alls well, otherwise call in the vet.

    Hope this helps and have a great week with you new little bundles of fun

  6. drageefly_416 says

    in my dog experience, a dog can have any number of puppies.. My German Shepherd was one of 12.. My pit was one of 10..

    My pug on the other hand was one of 4..

    the amount of puppies and the size of the dogs varies.. but a healthy breeding should bring 6 puppies tops for pits.. and any medium to large dogs.

    I am sure she is fine with 10 though..

  7. jezebel_lilly says

    I knew a Chocolate Lab who had 16.Now sit back and imagine the hundreds of unwanted puppies those 10 beautiful puppies will produce in the next 2 years.Be Proud!!!

  8. $arah (account suspe says

    breeding dogs especially pitbulls is not normal. Hopefully none of those ten will be put into shelters but odds are against them due to irresponsible breeders and owners. Have your dog spayed, and make a spay/neuter contract for all the pups.

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