Is it common for American pit bull terrier dogs to have docked tails?

♥ Leo ♥: Is it common for American pit bull terriers to have docked tails?
Before I get slammed for having a pit bull with a docked tail, I would like to add that I did not have his tail docked. He came that way when I gave him a loving home after he was found as a puppy in a empty large dumpster, in the middle of summer, and left in there by some anus to bake to death.

But my question is why on Earth would someone dock his tail?

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Answer by cindi b
I am so happy you can give this dog a loving home. Pit bulls are extremly loving. I had 4 of them. (3 died from cancer at an old age). The one I have has a docked tail, we found her on the feeway when she was 5 months old. I think the only reason people dock the tails is for fighting. I agree why on earth would someone dock a tail!!!!!

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  1. Fred says

    I agree that the Pitbull tales and ears should be left alone. However, before anyone is judged there may be reasons why this is done. Our 8 year old red nose is going in Monday to have her tail removed due to Cancer. It's awful as our Pitbull's tail never stops wagging. We hope this will save her life. So please don't judge everyone until you know all the facts.

  2. iBePWNIN ~Okami~ says

    I haven't seen a Pitt with a docked tail before….

    I guess people did because they like the look.
    Sometimes vets do it if the dog gets an infection in the tail.

  3. mommyhastattoos70 says

    i have seen pit bulls with docked tails, but, personally, i find them more "attractive" with their tails. its natural and it looks good. same goes with their ears. i think they just look better!
    and good for you for giving him a home :)

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