How would my Newfoundland dog look with a lion cut?

Hank: How would my Newfoundland look with a lion cut?
How would a Newfoundland look with a lion hair cut? We’re thinking about giving him a hair cut for the summer. How do you feel a lion cut would look on him?

Here’s a random pic of a Newfoundland with a regular hair cut:

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Answer by worrellkathy35
vary cute i think i have see this done and it you live some place that is hot you should get it!!!

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  1. Calixta says

    I know this is old but I had to respond, I work in a grooming salon and have to warn anyone thinking of getting this done to not do it. As already stated long haired breeds’ coats control both cold and heat, but what you must also know is that shaving a double coated dog will destroy its coat. It may grow back the first few times but eventually some places will stop growing back. Just look up bald Pomeranians, since they are a commonly shaved double coated breed. If your dog is overheating it may just have a build up of undercoat that needs to be stripped, I really can’t believe that any vet would tell someone with a DC dog to shave them, that’s just irresponsible on their part.

  2. kodygrace says

    I think it would be adorable. I just had my great pyrenees groomed, and he came home with a lion cut (my groomer and I are friends, and she has a great sense of humor). I think it looks pretty awesome.

    I'm not sure about Newfies, but I know that with many long hair breeds, it's not suggested to clip them in the summer.

    I've been lectured at petco by 3 or 4 great pyrenees owners who tell me how irresponsible it is to clip my dog. But Kody was overheating regularly and my vet and I decided that clipping him was his best option.

    I think the main concern is sunburn, but I just spray some baby sunscreen on him in the AM.

    Just some things to think about…good luck.

  3. d@mi@nO says

    they will look stupid
    even dogs like PWD ( potrugese water dog) that need refular haircut like crazy with a lioncut
    large dog breeds need their hair to protect them from cold and heat

  4. Mom of Three says

    I don't know about Newfies, but in many large, long haired dogs cutting their hair for summer is misguided. Their fur protects them from both cold and heat, and if you take it away and they are in trouble.

    Best of luck to you.

  5. bad kitty says

    i think they look silly. just my opinion though.

    if the dog is inside and kept cool on hot days, and if you keep the coat brushed and tangle and mat free, there's no reason to shave it.

    the hair on long haired dogs not only helps keep them warm but it also functions to cool them off.

    if you're dog is getting overheated, and the black hair doesn't help that any, check with your vet and see if they think it would help.

    personally though i'd just keep the dog brushed and inside when it's hot out. big dogs with a lion cut just look silly to me.

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