How to train my doberman dog to stop tearing things up?

SAMANTHA E: how do i train my dog (doberman) to stop tearing things up?
I have a doberman named Cole, he likes to bark and tear things up, i buy plenty of toys and stuff but he still does it.
I have a doberman, cole, he likes to bark and tear up things and i was wondering how to stop it? And in my last question, when i said punish, i didnt mean hitting him, i meant saying no, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Answer by luvexotics
This is the answer I wrote for your deleted question.

You do not punish him to earn his respect instead you become a firm consistent leasder and the respect will come.

At his age he should already be trained. I am not sure how long you have had him but you need to fix these issues now.

He needs structure so when you are not home to uspervise him he needs a crate. Dogs are habitual, if things are allowed to happen they get into that habit. If they are not allowed to do wrong they will get in the habit of behaiving.

When watching him you need to supervise 100%. As soon as he goes for something he is not supposed to you need to make aharp noise to get his attention then say no. When he looks away from the object and to you give him a reward and praise then give him something he is allowed to chew. After he is chewing it for a few then reward again. Make sure he has many different shapes and textures to chew as well as flavors.

By scratching do you mean people or like digging at the door? For digging at the door you use training very simiolar to the no chewing, sharp noise, reward for ignoring, and then something to desract him. For on people he must be jumping to scratch. Jumping and biting get the same method...

When he jumps or nips you make a sharp noise then say no, turn your body away from him fold your arms and completly ignore him. No talking, no movement, nothing. When he stops and looks at you or focuses else where turn back to him and give him praise. If he goes to bite or jump again repeat.

It seems you are not experianced in owning and training a dog like a doberman so I suggest you involve a trainer. It is also good to do trainig for socialization.

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  1. dobemommy says

    it is tough! find a few things he does like, always replace something he shouldn't be chewing with something he can, dogs don't get punishment, I keep lots of kongs in my house, putting food inside to encourage the dogs to go for them. I also buy raw knuckle bones, they love them. I don't buy stuffy toys with stuffing, only the ones without ( like Skinnez). Barking is hard too, it's natural for them, but say good when they do give a warning bark, b/c you still want that part, but no if he continues, I use a water spray bottle if it doesn't end there.
    don't leave a destructive dobe loose when you aren't home. the vet bill for removing an obstruction is too much, and why risk your dogs health.

  2. BMTHESPIAN says

    It sounds as if your dog is bored and not properly trained. One of the main causes of destructive behavior and excessive barking in the breed is lack of exercise and mental stimulation. How much exercise is your dog getting a day? Your dog should be crated when you are not home or able to watch it. If you can't correct the behavior when it is occuring then you can't fix the problem

  3. Sarah says

    Don't know why your previous question was deleted but the dog needs training and exercise. He's still a pup and is being destructive because he isn't getting as much stimulation as he should be.

  4. Jimmy says

    Dobermans can be very stingy dogs at times. Are you home most of the day or no?

    If you are home when he does it you should go over to Cole and hit him on the nose (or more harsh if you like) and show him what he did wrong.

    If you are not home when Cole does something bad then you should grab Cole, bring him to what he tore up (usually I rub my dogs face in it so he knows what he did wrong) then hit him a little then put him outside.

    I don't know what else to say honestly. I used to have a shock collar for my dog (not harmful) and it trained him pretty well.

    Best regards.

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