How to stop puppy barking early morning?

k: How do i stop my puppy barking early morning?
we have a 4 month old beagle puppy, and she has only recently started barking every morning at about 5am. This has only started about 1 weeks ago, but she sleeps outside, and every morning without fail she barks constantly. at first we ignored her as this is what our vet told us to do, but it can go on for hours and over the weekend our neighbours complained. i don;t blame them…. it is quite annoying. we are not sure what to do now. any ideas.

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Answer by Monica H
When she starts to ark tell her no or be quiet. If she continues to do this you could buy a sour spray to spray in her mouth.(found in pet stores) Maybe if shes too cold outside its just that she wants to come inside.

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  1. sassy says

    Is someone else walking their dog near your beagle puppy at that time. If so, your dog is protecting his/her terirroy. I have a yorkshire terrior that stays in the house all the time. Teddy Bear will started to bark if someone came near the front door or rang the door bell. Get an empty soda can and put some pennies in it and tape the top hole closed. When your dog startes to bark shake the can and say "No bark" do it every time and after a week or two all you'll need to say when he startes to bark is "I'll get the can" or "No bark"

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