How to stop my dog from going after other dogs?

Susan S: How do I stop my dog from going after other dogs outside?
More importantly how do I get him to STOP and LISTEN to me? I just had him outside (without a leash-oops!) and he went after this lady and her dog she was walking? I called after him and told him to stop and he blatently ignored me and continued to bark like a psycho. The poor lady picked up her little dog and walked away in a huff. I felt so bad.

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Answer by tkmarvel80

def a leash....and strict commnad to always shows whos the boss..also train at home

Answer by writersblock2006

first off, you have to realize it was your failure that he runs out after other dogs or people for nbot handling him properly.
Means he/she is not obedient enough to be left alone or able to get out.

With that in mind, you have to do things with your dog to earn its respect. Walks are most important as this helps to establish whos the dominant one.

Next, you have to train the dog to sit by you, nomatter what the circumstances. That means that you could get stimuli out in front of you too, and when you see the dog fixating on it, you break his rhythm an control him with whatever command you want to use.

Dogs usually will do that. Brief second before they dart out. Thats when you have to be aware or have them on a leash that youre controlling at all times.

After a few days/weeks of walkign with you around others and you consistently correcting your dog NOT to go after any additional stimuli, (with you breaking that fixation time with a command) you will find that the dog will only go when you tell it.

This is so long as you are establishing yourself as the dominant one. Doggy does as you say. Sounds bad, but thats the way doggies like it. Otherwise Ive seen some terrible bratty pests that do all sorts of things because their owners fail to assume control of them.

you are the handler, and what you say when you say it, is how things are. So by testing your dog, and putting it in situations where it has things that it wants to go after, and you creating a command and the respect that forces it to submit to your command, thats when you have the dog master relationship that every owner should have.

It wont happen overnight, but stick to it, and be consistent and your dog will eventually know whos the boss.
And dogs will follow the boss because they want to be loyal.

So good luck wth that I hope it helps.
Big dog running towards my dog gets shot at at 10 feet if its a fighting breed!

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  1. jonfay2 says

    teach him his commands . he may dart out in traffic and get kill' and buy a heavy duty leash.l use a horse strap on my st.bernard. you can go to southern states cause they have dog leashes also and they can help you alot but the NO command must be made known to him. put a treat or something he really likes in front of him and keep telling no until you give the go ahead sign

  2. walkinglady says

    First of all, you never, ever give a dog the chance to disobey the command to come when called. Never! Since your dog isn't trained, he has no business being off leash. Your best bet would be to take him to obedience where someone can teach you how to train your dog. If he'd come after my dog, I'd have sprayed him with pepper spray - my job is to protect my dogs.

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