How to stop my 11 month old bloodhound from chewing up my stuff?

jennabean_dp: what’s the best way to stop my 11 month old bloodhound from chewing up my stuff?
We just got a new bloodhound, he’s 11 months old, and he loves to chew on EVERYTHING. Shoes, deodorant, soap, you name it, he chews on it. How can I get him to stop?

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Answer by Bonnielynn
You can expect some chewing in a pup. But please watch the “Dog Whisperer” on the National Geographic channel. I got his book from the library and am amazed at the success I’ve had with his suggestions! The big answer is exercise. Not in the house or yard. Long walks with family members. Make sure that he knows that you are the pack leader by assuming a calm, assertive manner with him. You might crate him at night or when he’s alone in the house.

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  1. Helpful187 says

    A dog that old shouldn't have access to your stuff if you're not watching him. He needs a crate or his own space with proper chew toys. When you catch him chewing tell him no, give him a chew toy, and praise him for chewing on his toy.

  2. Cole says

    Our poodles enjoy running up to my stuff and dragging it around everywhere and chewing on it. Simply move your valuables to a safer place or restrict your dog's access to your things. Or, as said before, try finding toys for the dog. Our poodles especially like toys with loud and annoying squeals or squawks, and perhaps your dog will enjoy the same.

  3. crimsonshedemon says

    I have a bloodhound too- he's my 2nd one. First, kennel train. So when you're gone, nothing will be destroyed. Second, exercise the dog alot so he's tired. Next, offer toys like Kongs that are filled w/treats and it takes hours for them to finish. You can also buy cow femur bones at the grocery store and those are wonderful.

    I took my bloodhound rollerblading cuz it would get the energy out of him…. he'd go for several miles. If you have a treadmill, you can teach him to walk on that.
    Exercise is the key and giving him appropriate toys to chew on. You'll need tough toys. Kongs are my favorite.

    Enjoy your hound and never allow him off leash.

  4. corina m says

    buy him dog toys that are his size not to small or not to big but just perfect make sure thire not to rippable cuz then he might eat the left over part!!lol

  5. luke m says

    first get it its own chew toys, keep everything out of its sight you don't want chewed. Praise him for chewing his things and scold him for chewing anything else. it takes a little time but if you remain consistent It will prevail.

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