How to stop an English bulldog from scratching his face?

a: Best way to stop an English bulldog from scratching his face?
My English bulldog sometimes scratches his face due to (I think) some sleep (goo) that comes out of his eyes. I wipe his face often, but he still sometimes scratches himself. Sometimes he will scratch too much and start to yelp, and he doesn’t seem to realize that he is the one causing the pain. How can I train him?

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Answer by walking lady
It’s not a matter of training your dog, YOU need to find out why he’s scratching himself. Do you clean the folds on his face regularly? Does he have food allergies? Seasonal allergies? Dry skin? Take him to the vet to find out what the problem is so he doesn’t have to scratch himself raw.

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  1. absolutemom2four says

    I have an English Bulldog Puppy, my son said that he puts Neosporin on it and it helps the staining and heals any scratches and helps if there is any dry skin too.

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