How to stop a dog from "crying" when crate training it?

Jai: How do you stop a dog from "crying" when crate training it?
Rottweiler, 10 weeks, been crate training for 3 weeks, always cries/ whines/ barks when placed in cage as if being punished. Tried shorter amounts of time, remaining in the area while she is in it, feeding her in/ out of the crate, but she still cries. She also chews her urine training pad into a million peices overnight!!! The only time she is hyper or misbehaves is in the crate.

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Answer by mina
let her out!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Manny M

good grief! Crates are supposed to be a safe haven for dogs.. If he is crying all of the time, it is not a safe haven, but a torture chamber..then you will wonder why he 'snaps' and attacks you one day..He will be remembering the hell you put him though as a frightened baby..
Get a good book on basic pup training, and throw the darn crate away...

Answer by lillyynn

Okay , first of all I don't think crate training works for every dog. I tried to crate train mine but then he found an easy solution to get out of the crate: peeing inside the crate!
If your puppy is still crying, whining inside the crate after 3 weeks, then he does not want to be in the crate, buy a pet playpen and cover it w pee pee pads, put some toys,food and water inside! That worked perfectly for mine. I bought mine from
All dogs chew on the pee pee pad, it is not a big deal. Why do u even try to paper train a rottweiler? He is going to be a big dog and why would u want such a big dog doing his business in the pee pee pad? Start housetraining him by taking him outside.

Answer by tjb

The first few days of crate training can be hard on you and the pup. The best thing for you to do is, put her in the crate and go to Wal-Mart or something. I promise after a few days, she will learn to love her crate. Dogs are den animals and she will consider this crate her private place. In time you will see her sneaking off to her crate when she wants to be alone, whether for a nap or for night night!! If you have friends or children over and she isn't exactly fond of them, she will go get in HER bedroom!!! Crate training is also wonderful for traveling. It keeps them safe in a car or plane, and if you are going to see Aunt crabby who doesn't like dogs, she can rest at ease!! Contrary to Carole Anne's answer, it is not cruel, it is absolutely the best way to housebreak, and if you teach them confinement you will always be able to confine them if you have too, like on air planes or Motels, who will let you have your pet if it is confined without bothering the other guests. Oh, and don't use piddle pads or any other pads. All your doing with these things are teaching her that is is OK to pee in the crate or worse in the house, which is what your trying to teach her not to do. You are defeating the whole purpose! Throw them away!!! Good luck!

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  1. pesothepaso says

    Ignore the crying, do not remain in the area. And provide chew toys in the crate. Dogs like to have a place of their own and she will soon get over it and view the crate as "her house."

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