How to stop a dog from “crying” when crate training it?

Jai: How do you stop a dog from “crying” when crate training it?
Rottweiler, 10 weeks, been crate training for 3 weeks, always cries/ whines/ barks when placed in cage as if being punished. Tried shorter amounts of time, remaining in the area while she is in it, feeding her in/ out of the crate, but she still cries. She also chews her urine training pad into a million peices overnight!!! The only time she is hyper or misbehaves is in the crate.
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Answer by mina
let her out!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. pesothepaso says

    Ignore the crying, do not remain in the area. And provide chew toys in the crate. Dogs like to have a place of their own and she will soon get over it and view the crate as "her house."

  2. Manny M says

    good grief! Crates are supposed to be a safe haven for dogs.. If he is crying all of the time, it is not a safe haven, but a torture chamber..then you will wonder why he 'snaps' and attacks you one day..He will be remembering the hell you put him though as a frightened baby..
    Get a good book on basic pup training, and throw the darn crate away..

  3. chetco says

    She obviously hates it in there…I can see a use for crate training, if the owner has too many valuables and too little time to actually train a puppy….but I would never use a crate to teach my pup house manners, any more then I would keep my child in a cage…I just don't get it..

  4. lillyynn says

    Okay , first of all I don't think crate training works for every dog. I tried to crate train mine but then he found an easy solution to get out of the crate: peeing inside the crate!
    If your puppy is still crying, whining inside the crate after 3 weeks, then he does not want to be in the crate, buy a pet playpen and cover it w pee pee pads, put some toys,food and water inside! That worked perfectly for mine. I bought mine from
    All dogs chew on the pee pee pad, it is not a big deal. Why do u even try to paper train a rottweiler? He is going to be a big dog and why would u want such a big dog doing his business in the pee pee pad? Start housetraining him by taking him outside.

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