How to reduce American Bulldog’s shedding?

Anjelica: How do I get an American Bulldog to reduce his shedding?
We have an male american bulldog that literally sheds constantly. He’s a healthy dog but his owner (my roommate) buys him discount dog food. My roommate tells me that raw eggs or vegetable oil will help the shedding. I brushed him out the other day but he is still shedding all over the place. I’m sorry but I don’t want to vacuum everyday! I know about the furminator brush, and I think I will get one. Is there a dog food, or any other food, that will help the shedding? Please help!

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Answer by kisses4sheebs
check out a better quality food will help w/ shedding, but wont solve the problem. dogs shed, its what they do. salmon oil is good for their coat as well as eggs. Not sure about veggie oil though. havent heard that one before…

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  1. Stephen A says

    Shedding isn't necessarily a sign of a problem. Even if you can pluck out clumps of fur, as long as the coat is reasonably dense with no bald spots, your dog's hair loss is probably normal.

    One way to deal with dog shedding is through dog coat care. Here's more details,

  2. raven blackwing says

    Use olive oil not veggie oil. Feeding a dog raw meat will help. My family as Always used raw food and our dogs did not shed much and all lived very long life's

  3. #1 PITBULL LOVER! says

    its extremely hard to do. but you could do these things:

    1. get a deshedding brush (brush everyday, its works great!)
    2. shed control shampoo
    3. get the dog groomed

  4. sheltiemom says

    Feeding a good quality food will help with the shedding. You can also supplement with fish oil. It's really better than vegetable oil.

    I've not used a furminator, but people swear by them.

    And it *is* summer and hot weather. Dogs shed. It's in their job description.

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