How to pronounce these dog breed names?

AR †Bark At The Moon†: How do you pronounce these dog breed names?
I’ve become a big fan of guardian breeds, but some names for them are hard to pronounce! So my question is, how do you pronounce Ovcharka and Brasileiro?

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Answer by Hannah M
Well Brasileiro is just a form of Brasila (captial of Brazil) with an e-air-oh at the end. So it would be pronounced Bra-sill-e-air-oh

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  1. Skipper says

    Fee*la Braz*ill*ee*ro

    A "ch" sound, in typical English usage, for example the words "change", "charred", "chased", "chilled", is a hard "-ch" sound.Therefore, it is not necessary to add a "t" in front of the "ch" for a hard "ch" sound pronunciation. The spelling "tch" does not make the word phonetically correct. In English, "tch" would be voiced "ovt-charka", which is clearly wrong. Hence, the UN of Congress rule:OVCHARKA.

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