How to prevent two female Jack Russell Terriers from fighting?

new name: How or what can you do to prevent two female Jack Russell Terriers from fighting?
Sometimes our 3 female Jack Russell Terriers fight over stuff ,people or space.Mostly it's a two dog fight but sometimes it's 3. The dogs are 3-4 years old, 2-3 years and 8 months old.

Is there anything we can do to stop them from fighting and drawing blood on their beautiful coats and faces? How do people stop them from fighting? Can anyone please help out here?

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Answer by JERILYN D
Unfortuntely, any time you get dogs of the same sex together they want to fight for dominance, unless one is clearly the alpha. And if they're fighting seriously enough to draw blood, then you have a pretty serious problem. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

Answer by jnm5575
You can get some good books on training, but your best bet is to work with a dog trainer. A behaviorist would be best. Any good dog trainer will give you a free consultation. You have some serious dominance issues going on, if you handle it the wrong way you'll make the issues worse. There are lots of training styles, but look for someone that uses positive training techniques. Remember that you control the food and affection these are keys to getting your dogs under control. A good trainer will teach you "settling" you lay your dog down on it's side and hold them down until they calm down. It teaches them that you're in control and won't hurt them. You should practice this with each dog twenty minutes a day for a couple weeks. Then just with the instigate when there is issues. Avoid trainers that use collar correction. Since you're dealing with aggression issues, this will make the problems worse. PetSmart have a very good training program that can help with these issues.
Good Luck

Answer by Beano
One of the dogs is the instigator, it could be a look, growl or even a hip bump. It is your job to see the "tell" b-4 the fight. What you should do is, if one of the three is submissive then make that dog your 2nd in command. Don't always feed the "alpha" of the three first, That would be a mistake, feed the calm dog first. I don't know why some people think you always feed "alpha" first. You want a calm home, when the dogs are playing nice all is fine but once the "instigator" starts you need to "re-direct" her energy immediately. If you miss the tell and a fight starts separate the dogs and MAKE them lay down till calmness has been re-stored.

The main reason why these dogs are fighting; is not because you have 3 females, it's because they have pent up energy that must be released. JT's are known for their high energy, it's your job to drain this energy daily. My 2 males dogs (ESS and Chow/mix) take 2 walks daily 45 minutes each plus the ESS is on a treadmill for 20 minutes daily. It's allot of work but the peace in the house is worth it all. Plus my g/f and I make the time and it helps our health. It's win, win if you work had in draining that energy. Good Luck

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  1. brianna says

    we have 2 jack russells that are both females and in the last two days they have been fighting and have drawn blood to each other can you guys please email us what to do to help prevent the fighting

  2. luvmyjacks says

    Here we go again with the JRT bashing.
    They are NOT all hyper and crazy!!!!
    I am a Jack Russell Terrier breeder and owner
    I have three female Jacks that all live together peacefully.
    You, as the pack leader, CAN'T let them fight. You have to stop it before it gets to the point where blood is drawn.
    The SECOND one of them starts with the growl or aggression, you have to step in and change their train of thought immediately. A verbal correction with a firm touch on the shoulder should send an immediate signal to the aggressor but it has to be done almost as fast as it begins.
    A spray water bottle can help too if you are not right next to them when it happens. Squirt it right in the muzzle and startle the dog out of its aggressive mode.
    Exercise is extremely important. You should take them all out and get them good and tired. They are much less likely to "argue" when their energy is expended.
    Treat them all equally, don't favor one over the other and give them some alone quality time with you when you can.
    The Jack Russell breed is loving, affectionate, calm, and very loyal. Yes, they are energetic but the "crazy" "hyper" labels only come from uninformed people who buy into reputations, or have no dog training experience.

    • Kathy says

      I now have three female Jack Russell's. 1-15, 1-7 and 1-10 mo. The last two weeks have been hell in our house with the younger two getting into fights. No blood from them upon each other, but the youngest has drawn it on me and my daughter as we have had to separate them. She is not trying to bite us - we just get caught in the cross fire when we pick her up and she is biting at the air as the other continues to growl and bark. We are at a loss. The house has been a happy and playful one up until then. The youngest has yet to be spayed. Could that be the problem and if so, when we get her spayed, do you think the problem will be resolved?

    • brianna says

      they are some really good tips it's helping me with my pain ful puppies the wont stop fighting ifyou have anymore tips on how to keep them from fighting that would be nice thanks

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