How to keep pit bull dog from jumping the fence?

JessicaH: How to keep pit bull from jumping the fence?
My pit bull is constantly escaping from my backyard. She's small (about 28 pounds, full grown) but still manages to jump over our seven foot fence. She isn't out all the time (we live in Florida and it's way to hot for that) only in the evenings or when we leave the house? What is the best way to deter her from jumping?
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Answer by Jackie
Don't leave her out when you are gone. Use a crate inside if you can. If you have to, buy one of those chain link kennels that have a top so the dog can't get out. Don't use any sort of dog line or tie though unless you are home to watch the dog as the dog could tangle or strangle herself.

Answer by Brianne
I have a female pitbull who is always jUmping our fence. She has recently become an outdoor dog due to my grandmothers health and is not taking it well. Although she has plenty of toys, effection, walks, and isn't alone outside she has our male wih her too. I have added higher fence I have extended her walk time and even bought the thunder jacket which claims 100% satisfaction yet she sill does it. I feel I may also have to buy one of those invisible fences that I think alerts her away from the undesired area by a shock or sound. I have had issues with her an last time she got out a not so nice neighbor reported this to the police whom say if she caught out again will be euthanized.

Answer by martinamagrace

You should never leave a dog outside alone. She is bored or she wouldn't jump the fence. Leave her inside while you are gone. WHY would you leave her out in the extreme heat??

In the evening take her for a long walk. Talk to her & show her a lot of attention. When you get back home play ball with her. It doesn't matter how many toys a dog has, if he/she doesn't get the attention they need, the toys do not help. They need human contact & play time. After that, she will be tired & not jump over the fence.

Please do not use shock collars or tie her out. The electric fences are bad too. Why would anyone want to inflict pain on another breathing thing? Go to the Vet that suggested the shock collar & make him wear it for a day. Every time he does something incorrectly, shock the hell out of him. But remember to tell him it really didn't hurt that bad. Then let him have another hit…….If he whimpers, go for it again & tell him to quit whinning like a baby.

Answer by xoanathema
Keep her entertained in your yard. Dogs want to get out because of boredom and loneliness (dogs are social pack animals, not an independent species) — you wouldn't want to stay out in your backyard all day and have nothing to do, can you really expect your dog to?

Get her toys and other things to entertain her outside. Stuffed Kongs are good, as are kiddy pools. Big, hard balls (sort of like the ones people buy for horses, but without the handle) are also good entertainment. As are big knuckle bones, or other real bones. Give her more walks and exercise as well, and she'll be less likely to want to escape.

As well, you can buy a crate and keep her inside while you're gone, as someone else mentioned. It will keep her out of trouble, but still inside your home while you're gone.

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  1. sniffydogs says

    Don't let her out alone, especially when you leave. With all the nutcases and crazies she can end up being a bait dog for training pitbull fighters.

  2. ndewald2004 says

    Mine does the same thing! She's a pitt bull mix, about 40 lbs and jumps over the fence without even a running start!
    We go outside with her everytime she goes out, she has PLENTY of toys to keep her occupied and none of this works. She still jumps into the neighbors yard at least once every other day!
    We're thinking about a mild shock collar to deter her, nothing else seems to be working. It's been recommended by my vet...just make sure the weight restriction is correct.

    Let me know if you find something that works! :-)

  3. ~a girl~ says

    i would suggest to get a chain and hook it around the dog somehow and tie it up when you leave every time you leave for about 2 months if the dog still jumps the fence you should make sure there isn't any other dogs in the neighborhood out when your dog is out because your dog could get lonely and want to play with another dog... try those if they don't work hire the best dog whisperer you can hire and they can find out why your dog is jumping the fence...

  4. Noota Oolah says

    higher fence, something she can't grip to help her get over, stay out there with her and do training, electrc fence, tie her on, repellent

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