How to I get my dog to stop going to the bathroom?

Mel: How to I get my dog to stop going to the bathroom in the house? We have a 7 month old Samoyed puppy, and she
was really pretty easy to house train. We have not had a problem with her going in the house until just this last month. We are taking her out and giving her ample opportunity to go, and yet she is choosing to go in the house while we are asleep, (even though she will come and wake me up in the morning to go out) and then sometimes when I am at work.. It just doesn’t make any sense, and I am really at my witts end. I give her exercise daily, and love and attention. Is this separation anxiety or what?

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Answer by jeff
Just close the and lock the bath room so that your dog cant enter

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  1. zaragoza_c says

    A long time ago I had this pup that like any other pup liked to pee everywhere inside the house. I used the old trick of taking the doggy to the spot where he made his mark, put his nose close to the pee, and then a couple of spanks with a clear "NO, BAD!" and then take him outside and say "HERE!". And then when the little fella did his thing on the right place I started pampering him. He learned after a couple of days.

  2. kelsey a says

    its not seperation anxiety. she is just bored. take your dog's food and put on a paper plate with holes punched in it. then, put the food on the pee spot(s). it is natural for dogs to not eat where they pee, so you will never have an accident again. hope your sammy is good in all other ways!!!!!

  3. Moonfairy says

    CHeck for a UTI first.. And keep her in a crate at night.. Kepp her near your bed so if she has to go out in the night you can hear her!

    To many people assume it's behavioral when it is most likely physical illness!

  4. Alice K says

    Yeah! they have it! I have 2 puppies that I bring in at night. Crate training them only had one accident so far and they are 3 months old and are doing great. Give lots of praise for the outside toileting and possibly a treat to associate potty and treats. They tend to be stomach oriented. Need one of them??

  5. sexy momma says

    evey thim she or he pees rub their noes in it and say no then smack them on their noes and when he or she pees on the pad or out side give them treats and pet them like their is no tomarrow!

  6. Leonard L says

    I had a beagle mix that lived to age 18.

    He was fine until one day my friend and his wife came over for a visit and brought their chihuaha.

    That little devil lifted it's leg on our breakfront.

    Ever since, Brownie followed his lead, and never stopped peeing in our house.

    We had to keep after him with vinegar sprays and newpapers, and we tolerated that for umptteen years until we split up, and I had Brownie until he could hardly walk, but he still kept going in all the wrong places.

    So, it may be your dog caught a scent from something that tells him now it's okay to mess in your living quarters.

    Trying to get that out of his mind is like me trying to convince everyone on Yahoo Answers that I know something they don't know, but would they listen?

    Maybe they'll listen, but they'll still keep doing what they feel like doing even if it gets them sick or in trouble.

    Just the nature of the beast.

  7. kag6667 says

    i had that problem with one of my pups, the way i solved it is,
    i started to crated pup at night for a couple weeks. puppies and dogs generally will not go to the bathroom where the sleep.
    every morning i would take her out to do her business. and after a couple of weeks, i let her stay out of crate and i havent had a problem since.

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