How to get Siberian Husky to put on weight?

Casey: How can I get my Siberian Husky to put on weight?
I have a 11month old Siberian Husky, I've had her since she was a pup and she never eats much. She will nibble a little bit then leave and come back to her food later. I am somewhat worried that she isn't eating enough, she is very bony around her hips and her spine is quite pronounced. I feed her a wide variety of foods such as raw meat, many types of biscuits and human food every now and again. Please help.
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Answer by Brandon
I have the same issue with my 5 year old male husky. I have been wondering the same thing for years with him. Just doesn't put on weight. He is healthy in other aspects. Plays, runs, very playful with my two kids. He just loves my kids. I couldn't have asked for a better dog besides the hair issue. I knew getting a husky that was a issue. No big deal there. But how skinny he is. I have asked my vet on a few checkups what I could do about his weight. They recommended a high protean diet. One thing that the vet did tell me that I had no idea about was. "Not all dogs are the same. In some ways like people. Some have a little bit higher metabolism than other dogs of there bred". I had no idea about that. She did say he was a underweight though. But not to worry that much. Just keep a eye on it. The vet didn't really have a answer about his spine. Now I have read J'sHuSkY's comment. I now know. And I am a little more relaxed about it.

Answer by J'sHuSkY

So many people ask this question.
You have a poorly bred siberian husky. Don't worry I have two. Both rescues.
This is VERY common with Siberians. They look like they have a hollow area between their last rib and their hip bones and yes you can feel their vertebrae. If you can't see their ribs and the vet has ruled out a possible health problem, you'll just need to wait it out.

It's sucks having to deal with all the criticizing looks and comments about your dog being too skinny. They usually fill out around 2-4 yrs of age. Is your dog spayed? This will add a couple pounds.
With the amount of energy this breed has its no wonder they have a hard time keeping weight on. Look into a high calorie diet. Maybe feed her puppy food.

You also said she doesn't eat much. This is also true with the breed. It's summer their hot and they were bred to go a long time without eating.
Take her to your vet, make sure nothing is medically wrong with her, sit back and chill. That's all you can do.

Answer by Cheril Hernandez
Try the weight gainer. Ive been using it for too weeks and i can see a big difference. Great stuff Formula Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs

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  1. Lunamist27 says

    First take her to the vet. See what is wrong with her first. Then see what kind of food your vet will recommend. I own Siberian Huskies and have never had this problem. They all have a good weight. Mine are on a high protein diet. Keeps the weight on them due to their high metabolism. They are a working dog and do not eat allot. My dogs sled and in the winter are on a gruel type food for conditioning. Salmon is very good for them. also flax oil. good luck.

  2. white tigeress says

    This typical of huskies , they are bred to eat little. They are high Energy and are always moving this just burns more. Barring if she doesn't have worms Eukanba is what we feed our huskies. I have one male that just will not bulk up . no worms, I bought bottle gravy and added to his dry food only about a cup Twice day. He finally put on weight.

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