How to get rid of my shar pei dog's rash and bad smell?

kelseykia: How can i get rid of my shar pei's rash and bad smell?
I have a ten month old shar pei, she has itchy skin and bites it till it bleeds, her skin also smells very bad. she has Always had this problem and after a couple of treatments at the vets all he now can suggest is monthly shots. She has had antibiotics a couple of times before for an ear-infection and her skin seemed 2 clear up only when she was taking the tablets and returning as soon as she had finished the course. Could the rash be some sort of infection?

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Answer by I love mutts but Hate BYBs!
This question should be asked at vet. Sounds like she need new med for rash, have vet done a skin scrap? and use UV light to see if there is ringworm?

Answer by tough_mutts
Has your vet ruled out allergies? Most shar-pei are allergic to things ranging from grass to dust to chicken and beef. My shar-mix is allergic to beef, chicken, pork, pine-sol, bees, wasps, fleas, mosquitoes and certain types of flowers (rashes!!)
Usually, when an allergen is affecting a dog, it STARTS as an ear infection, especially in this breed. You should eliminate common causes of allergen and see if that helps. Keep up with your regular vet, and consult a holistic one, because a holistic vet could offer advice on raw food diets or allergen-free kibbles.

Be sure to keep up with a routine for ear cleaning and bathing. Use gentle soaps – there are several at the pet supply stores that have calming effects on itchy skin, or you could go with a traditional oatmeal bath.
It sounds like an allergy – and as long as your working with your vet(s) you can absolutely manage this for your puppy. Be careful, however, as a smell usually indicates an infection, usually from the scratching that allows bacteria to enter the wound and cause what's known as a secondary infection. You don't want it to be left untreated, you know?

Answer by kirbster42
Continue to work with your vet to try to determine what is wrong, if you are not happy with what your vet is telling you, get a second opinion. Try to find a vet familiar with shar pei's and their skin problems.
It could be an allergy, try changing her food to a grain free diet (grains are a very common allergen in dogs). Adding fish oils to her food would help moisturize dry skin. Make sure she is clean and DRY in the wrinkles so no infection/yeast/etc can grow in there but do not bath her too often as this can be very irritating as well.
Have the vet do some tests to determine if there is an infection but I still recommend looking at her food as it could be contributing to her problems.

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