How to get rid of bulldog’s smell?

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xoxo 03: What is the best way to get rid of an english bulldog’s smell?
My bulldog is very smelly. We bathe him, but he smells within a few days or a week. How can the good smell last?
We have him groomed once a month.

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Answer by backinbowl
Give him a daily Old Spice bath!

Answer by Jess

Stop bathing him to much. Dogs should only be bathed once every six months unless obviously dirty. Daily brushing will keep them clean and their coats healthy between baths. Overbathing will lead to dry itchy skin. It also strips the dogs skin of its natural oils, when this happens the skin goes into to overload to make more, and creates more dog smell. The more you bath, the more your dog is going to smell. Also dry itchy skin can lead to skin infections such as staph or yeast.

Diet can also play a factor in doggie odor as well. Switch your dog to a higher quality food and in a few weeks you should notice less doggie odor as well.

Nothing you find at a grocery store is going to be a good food. High quality foods can be found at large pet store chains, or online. A couple of foods I like are Nutro Natural, Innova, Innova Evo and Cannidae.

There are other high quality dog foods. Here’s how to spot them:

A high quality food will have little or no fillers such as corn, wheat or soy. These aren’t very digestable for dogs, and are common food related allergens. Since you were seeing corn meal in the first few ingredients, those are not high quality foods. Foods list ingredients by content, with the ingredient it contains most of at the top.

A high quality food will not contain BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin, these are all chemical preservatives that have been linked to cancer.

A high quality food will not contain by-products of any kind. Meat meals are ok as long as the source of the meat is listed, such as Chicken Meal.

A high quality diet should have meat as at least the first ingredient., and be made from human grade ingredients. Foods that don’t use human grade ingredients often get their ingredients from less than desirable sources, such as meat from animals that were diseased, or euthanized.

There is another diet option other than dog food. Some people choose to feed a raw diet. This involves feeding the dog raw meaty bones and organ meat. However it is not as simple as throwing a couple chicken bones in a bowl everyday. If you wish to feed this type of diet, do lots and lots of research first. Switching to this diet without knowing what your doing can lead to nutritional problems for your dog. I’ll give you some links as a starting point in research if you are interested in this type of diet.

What’s Really In Pet Food


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  1. kristen says

    we had a problem with our Brutus skinking really bad! we give him probiotic pills and fish oil pills every morning along with an egg in his dog food. I've heard probiotics wud help his smell and it must have worked. we used to give him a bath every 4 days because he would produce such a smell that I couldn't take it! I havent bathed him in a week and he still smells great alothough I take baby wipes everyday to his wrinkles and his butt. he also gets daily brushings.

  2. spiralia8 says

    Besides the bathing discussion, it could also be his anal glands. Normaly dogs expell them on their own which would cause him to smell. Sometimes they get impacted and need to be expelled manually. You can do this yourself if you are brave, or the vet can do this for you. Good luck. Here is a site for more info:

  3. Bullyzistin says

    You need to clean his wrinkles everyday .
    I use Malacetic Wet wipes for my bulldog.

    My bulldog don't smells even i don't bath her often . its not true that they have a oily skin .All this bathing is bad for your doggie .

  4. dog whisperer says

    keep the wrinkles in his face clean. use an antibacterial soap and clean them daily. really get in there and scrub it. rinse it well!!!!!! rinse the cloth very well and make sure you get all soap residue out. wipe it out REALLY good, then dry THOROUGHLY with a dry towel!!!!
    doing it daily . after a while, it may mean you just have to wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it, then just really scrub about once a week. the wrinkles hold a lot of moisture and bacteria. between the eyes tearing, and the slobber, there's lot's of bacteria in there.
    Have to do it just as i said, or you won't see results. don't know about the baby powder thing. it sounds good because the powder absorbs moisture and odors. but the buildup of the powder could cause more problems.

  5. Kimmie says

    By stripping his natural oils so often, his body goes into overdrive to replace what you remove with shampoo. THATS what stinks, the oil glands working overtime!
    Use a waterless bath spray, or powder to keep his face, privates and folds of skin clean. No chemicals or detergents please! You can use a doggy-safe cologne to freshen him up, or possibly a leave-in conditioner if it doesnt aggrevate him.
    Don't use people products, make sure you buy balanced doggy products!!

  6. peachesdeese says

    Keep his wrinkles clean….try not to bathe him more than every couple of weeks. Use a clean wash cloth and plain water to clean under his wrinkles….dry him and put baby powder in his wrinkle folds. It will help tremendously!

  7. byderule says

    get rid of the smelly English bulldog
    and look for a dog that smells better ,

    each person is different and so are dogs .
    go arround smelling them and you will find one that smells just right ,if it doesnt bite you .pick that one

    trust your instinct
    trust me

  8. gessica_jallagher says

    Theres not really a way to make him smell good forever. Dogs are just smelly animals. But if you get him groomed at petsmart they put this apple sented perfume on there back. My dog sure smelled alot better when they did that. Good Luck!

  9. iluvmyfrenchbulldogs says

    Bulldogs are a stinky breed. They produce extra oils in their skin that cause them to get a doggy odor. Also, they often get infections in their wrinkles that will cause them to stink. There is not much that you can do, but it does help to put them on a super premium dog food (I really like Natural Balance for my Bullies) and clean the wrinkles daily. The Natural Balance also really helps with the flatulence that Bullies usually always have.

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