How to get my dogs to go potty outside off a leash?

Lady B: How do I get my dogs to go outside off a leash to the potty?
they are both used to be taken out to the potty on a leash and I have a yard now, not sure how to get them to go out and go, by themselves preferrably. Any ideas?
the yard is fenced, but they just don’t want to go out alone. I don’t mind going out but I want them to get used to going out alone. I have tried the feed em then let them out but they still won’t stay out alone.

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Answer by Victoria
Take them out right after you feed them, when they go give them lots of love. That should help them understand it’s okay to go without the leash.

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  1. pixieotr says

    start by taking the out on the leash, so the know why they are going out, once outside (fenced yard?) remove the leash. wait for dog to potty take dog in off leash. do this for a week, then go to door with leash in hand, call dogs to door and go outside. once they willingly go out without the leash, stay by the door for the first day or two, then stand in the house for a day, then close the door. if they run to the door immediatly, go outside with them and start over. the idea is for them to get used to not having you stand there while they potty. make sure to stay by the door, so if they panic being alone you can go out and reassure them. they will get the idea

  2. bird says

    ok well my doggie had the same problem. i have learned to take him out when he is done eating.. then their main focus is to go to the bathroom. I would also maybe make it the same place where you take them to go so that they understand that that is where they should be going . GOOD LUCK!

  3. Theresa P says

    First, I hope you have a totally fenced in yard, or I wouldn't take them off leash. After you feed them I would take them outside and play some ball for a bit. Get them running around or even walking which will stimulate their need to poop (works for my dogs anyway) and bring some treats with you. As soon as you see them sniffing say Go poop, or whatever you use and when they are going I would treat them. Worked for me until they knew that going outside with no leash was what they were supposed to do.

  4. Mister Sunshine says

    With a male dog, you'd better have a fenced yard.

    My female dog, I could just let out. She'd run outside to her area, do her business, and come right back.

    That seems to be how it works in most cases.

  5. lindsaysfrogs says

    If the yard is fenced in you can go out with them and give them the command you use to get them to potty. They will eventually get the idea that the yard is for pottying and won't need you to go with them.

    If it is not fenced in I would not let them off the leash.

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