How to get my Black Labrador to stop shedding so much?

panteratime: What can I do to get my Black Labrador to stop shedding so much?

He takes Lipiderm gel caps, (especially for dogs to control shedding) I mix 1 egg with his dry food in the mornings and 1/2 can of sardines in the afternoon. I brush him regularly with a shed tool comb and I take him to get groomed once a month. He still sheds excessively! HELP!

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Answer by GitEmGang

There is ABSOLUTELY ***NOTHING*** you can put IN or ON any dog to stop shedding!!!
Labs shed PROFUSELY!!! Get over it.
Bet he's mud-fat,too! LOL

Answer by Jessie M=

Hmm.. I have a black lab, but she really doesn't shed.. I would ask your vet honestly. Or if you don't have one, look ing your local listings. I hope this helped some, although I'm sure it didn't.

Answer by Susan P

What do you feed your dog? And do you brush her a lot?

Answer by I♥myPitbulls

If u r at ur wits end than ask the vet to take a thyriod test (blood test). If their thyroid level is alittle off the norm than there can be excessive hair loss. But it just sounds like a normal lab to me. One of my dogs is a lab mix and she sheds alot during the summer so sorry but that's just one of the things that they r good at. LOL.

Answer by sabledane

Have you checked what is in the food you feed him? yes MOST dogs shed but if you think it is more than normal you may be on to something. My Great Dane was shedding so bad he would lay on the couch for 5 mins. get up and leave such a mess. So I started trying this and that to stop shedding but to find out he was allergic to the red food die in the food.

Answer by pets are the name of

well it depends on the brand of food most of the time. I now feed my dog "Go" because he barly sheds on it. And my friend owns a chocolate lab and the food that they are feeding he isnt very good so they are not trying to switch. 'Go' is the best I think!

Answer by ocs_sparkling_prince

I'm not trying to sound mean but get over it. Almost all dogs shed and the only real thing you can do about it is shave your dog or buy a poodle or some other non shedding breed or better yet if don't want dog hair in your house buy a fish.

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  1. TropicalGlitter31103 says

    there really isnt anything u can do to make him shed less other then what ur doing......unless u shave him down to the skin but thats not really a good idea..........

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