How to feed a Labrador pup with pedigree?

Srinivas Kumar: I have a Labrador pup which is 2 month old, i need instructions on feeding him pedigree?
I have a 2 month old Labrador pup, we used to feed him cerelac. Vet adviced to feed him Pedigree Pup food, there is no instruction on the package on how to feed him? I am looking for instruction on feeding pedigree and any tips or advice about other food is welcome.. as i have no prior experience in raising a dog before...

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Answer by DSaint
Well my lab, he got 4 to five cups a day, when he was grown. So right now, go maybe a half cup twice a day, and as he gets bigger just start giving him a little bit more.

Answer by Critters–New CH!

2 cups twice a day. A lot of people feed puppy food. I don't after 10 weeks. A lot of people will tell you that the food you are feeding him is crap. I won't. It is dog food and will do and he will develop fine. If you can afford better food, consider it.

Just like with people, if you can afford food better than ramen and spagettios you buy it, but most college kids would be dead if a diet liket his KILLED you.

After a week or two, look at the pup. If he is fat(a good layer of fat over his ribs or between his front legs, feed him a little less. If he is skinny(you can see or really feel his ribs and there is NO fat between his front legs) feed him a little more. Eventually, on pedigree he may eat up to 3.5 cups of food twice a day. Remember, with beter quality food you may need to feed less.

Answer by Gina
First of all labs do have sensitive tummies so dont just switch straight from one to the other. Gradually add a bit of the new food to the old food.

Can I suggest that you find a FAR better food than Pedigree. Its full of cheap, rubbish fillers and cereal is the first ingredient. Dont dog need cereals and many are allergic to them. My lab being one of them. If you can get a grain free food and gradually change him over to that. I fed my labs 3 cups twice a day soaked in water at that age. They now have 2 cups twice a day soaked in water. They are adults now. The better the food the less you have to feed.

Answer by abhik dutta
i have a 2month german spits , igot a pack of pedigree….how do i feed her with that? coz its too hard to chw by my pup…and if i serve it with milk then she dosnt take muh interest in th food! what to do? plzz help or else it wll starv to death!

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  1. patriciaolivia2002 says

    We just got a black lab pup 1 month ago and the vet suggested that when you start new food just give a handful at a time mixed in with his current food. Then as he/she adjusts you give a little more and more till all is the new kind. As far as the amount of any dog food they should eat right now is: Just place a small bowl of food out for now and let him/her graze it until he/she is about 3-4 months old then you can limit the food to twice a day.

    We were told to use Purina One Puppy.

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