How to build your own backyard agility course?

I eat Yahoo for lunch :) <333: How to build your own agility course in your backyard?
I am not talking buying the equipment online. i mean making ur own. like using stuff you can find at garage sales or around the house.
first let me ask what are the names of all the things used in a real agility course and may you describe them? if possible may you add a picture for each? thank you.
and how may i go about building all of them?
agility course photo
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thank you, sorry for asking for so much. i would love to try agility with my dogs.

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Answer by brown eyed girl
Hey that's a great idea. I don't know what all that stuff is called but just wanted to let you know that I like your idea!!
Maybe you can try branches, left over wood if you have any, etc. But I don't know how safe that would be...
Let us know how it turned out when you're done!!

Answer by Anna

Hey I was going to ask this question, well not so much as how but for ideas about what to use. So far i have two barrels(50 gallon plastic)I got them from the place I work(for free) They are food grade barrels(I will fill them with water for more stability). I am planning on placing a wide wooden plank across the top of the barrels, and on each end I will place a wide plank on one barrel and the other end on the ground to act kind of like a bridge. You walk your dog up the plank then across then down, I do not remeber what they call this. Planning on getting another which I will cut the ends off place on the ground with a cement block on each side to keep it in place, For my dog to go through(kind of like a tunnel).At the farm supply store I will be picking up some small metal fence post a dozen should do to make the thing your dogs weave through. A friend suggested I get some plastic plumbing pipes and some 2X4's to make jumps(the plastic piping would be what the dog jumps over and it would be adjustable.)I do not have any ideas yet on what to use for the tetter-totter or the A-frame. Good Luck I will be watching for other peoples ideas.

Despite what some of the others have to say I have done Obiediance classes with my dog and some agility as well and I do not remember the names of the equipment sorry, also the place where i did this had made most of their own equipment and it can be as safe or safer than the stuff you buy online or from catalogs. But I do agree with the training part your dog can get badly hurt if you do some of this stuff wrong. Also your dog could get very scared and refuse to do any of this. My GSD had to work up to some of these things she was very scared to do the bridge thing but we (the trainer) coaxed her across and after several weeks she was willing to cross with out being coaxed. Some of the equipment was off limits for my dog until she was older(A-frame,really high jumps, and the tetter-totter)because it would put to much stress on her growing joints.

Answer by Anya D
k. ill do the best i can. lol.
1) there's always a tube-like thing that the dog is supposed to run through. you could use a large garbabe bin with no top or bottom…like those giant plastic ones.
2) there are always jumps over bars. you could possibly put a broom stick on paint cans. secure them somehow to the cans so the stick stays in place. maybe just plain old duct tape would do it. you could also use different sized cans to make some lower and some higher. of course take into account how tall your dog is!
3) they have this thing like 2 boards set at an angle against eachother. the dog has to run up one side, and then down the other. that would have to be 2 boards. maybe you could attach them together with 2 cheap hinges. make sure you secure the base somehow to it can support the weight of your dog.
look at this: easy-to-build agility courses at Amazon

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  1. Rayven-Fried Sea Kit says

    You don't just up and decide to do agility one day and build your own equipment. You start by putting your dog into obedience classes if it hasn't been through them already. Then you sign up for classes with an agility trainer after figuring out under which organization you will be doing agility as they each have their own rules and set ups.

    And unless you are dealing with someone who has band their own equipment and knows what they are doing it is advised to BUY the proper equipment to prevent injury to your dog.

    • Lauren says

      Not true. I have made tons of agility equipment for my dog and she's done absolutely fantastic. I do have a trainer now, but my dog and I worked on the basics (like the wait table, jumps, etc) that I built myself before we worked with her. I advise NOT to buy equipment because you don't need competition grade stuff. You can make safe equipment yourself, just make sure you do a lot of research. Ie: anything with sharp edges is a no-no, you need to file it. Make sure your jump poles fall off the jump cup if the dog accidently hits it. Make sure your tire jump is secured on the top and bottom and start slow with that one. For tunnels you can buy a kids play tunnel (mine is a 12' one from Toys R Us) but MAKE SURE you have tie downs for it so it won't roll over. I use treat bags filled with rocks connected by a leash. Broad Jumps are easily made as are weave poles and basic one pole jumps with PVC pipe. Some of the other stuff is a bit more difficult. One site I love is which is where I figured out how to build my jumps. I didn't figure out the jump cups though and bought mine pretty cheap online. I now have 7 bar jumps and love making them.

  2. Kip's Mom *** says

    The names and types of obstacles depend on the organization you are involved with.

    Now, I could tell you how to build a lot of them, or tell you where to go for plans.


    You obviously do not how to train a dog for agility if you don't know the names of the obstacles, and thus, you do not know how to do it SAFELY.

    Please, if you want to get involved in agility, take a class. That will teach you how to teach the dog safely, and teach you how to run a course.

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