How to build muscle tone on a pitbull puppy?

Lil Bit: what is the best thing to use to build muscle tone on a pitbull puppy? 

i have a 4 month old blue nose pitbull puppy. i want to add muscle tone to her. how do i do that? or what is the best thing to use to add to her food?

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Answer by Santa Got Ran Over By Terry!

She's a puppy. She will fill out when she's full grown, just give her some time.

Answer by The Dream

you dont want to really work a pup. just games like fetch and going on walks every day mixed with a decent dogfood will get great results especially with this breed. if you supplement an apbt and try to bulk it up you will just have a fat dog. hit me up when ur dog is closer to a yeah and i will give u some more exercises. if you work a pup to hard now you will regret it! if u want more info hit me up

Answer by Keith

Yea i agree with u…i dont neccessarily want to bulk my pup up but i jyst want to make sure im doin wut i should be doing food and exercise wise that will ensure that my bluenose looks real sharp…tobed and shiny coat and just all around healthy…im not sure the exact age of my pup or weight…6 days ago i was given a female blue pup…shes all grey…the person that gave her to me said she was around 4 months old…her name is Pandora…Pandora was obviously malnutrtioned…she was fighting 4 other pits for food daily…she was so skinny…in just six days i cn already see a difference…i def see weight gain…when she got to my apt she poopd and pee’d so many times a day in my place i wantd to scream…but with a lil patience..a leash and sum dog treats ive already got her doin her thang outside…she isnt telln me yet but i just take her out alot…i keep her food bowl full all day and night…should i not…i want to do anything i cn that is healthy and safe to make her the most beautiful pit she cn be…any advice would be greatly appreciated… Keith out of Tulsa Ok

Answer by Kate

BULLY MAX!!! Its all vitamins and it is vet recommended

Answer by hahachick

you shouldn't be trying to add "muscle tone" to a puppy. Just walk her at least once a day to allow her to get excercise. It can be damaging to their developing bones and muscles if you are trying to push them too much. Just feed her a healthy dog food geared towards puppies and mother nature will take care of the rest

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  1. Keith says

    Maybe the wording of my question was not wanting to juice up and cause any harm to my pit pup...i just want to make sure i as a first time pit pup owner am doing everything i can or should be doing whatever that may be to ensure my pup grows into the beautiful blue i know she will be..i rescued physical abuse i dont think but she def wasnt eating proper...ive had her six days now and we are already bestfriends...Pandora is her name and i just want to mske sure i know what abd how and when to feed and exercise her...i dont want to go overboard but i def want her to be as bangin as she can possibly be...ive had her for six days and ive krpt her food bowl full day and night...the goid things are that it is decent food and i already notice weight gain..but the bad thing is she probably poops 6 times a day or i akready read sumthn sumone postd that said to feed her 3 set times a day and pick tha bowl up when she is i got that diwn...what can i do now...exercise wise... that is harmless to a 4 month old pup to ensure or should i say help with muscle growth results as an adult...i just want her to look as good as she can...but i am not willing to sacrifice her health or wellbeing to accomplish if anyone has any pointers i would love easy yall..Keith outta Tulsa Ok

  2. nosaj says

    At 18 to 24 months of age you can start to work your dog.Let the pup mature.

    Drop the blue nose description.It's an American Pit Bull Terrier that happens to have a blue nose.It does NOT denote a different type or breed.It's not rare nor special.

    Choose a quality food.You can get reliable food ratings from this site.

    Depending on how well or poorly the dog was bred is going to be the key factor.Genetics are going to be the key factor in your dogs physical make up and temperament.

    Here are some links to pit bull specific forums.This will give you all the info you need to raise a healthy well mannered dog.

  3. Launi *Built Ford To says

    You do NOT need to ADD muscle to any American Pit Bull Terrier. Especially a 4 month old puppy!

    Feed a GOOD food. Give her the exercise and obedience training she needs.

    You do NOT supplement these dogs. They are nothing but skin, bone and muscle without supplements.

    Believe me, I own one!!!

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